Having neglected blogging duties for a week, I thought where best to start again than documenting my travels.

Amsterdam has quickly become one of my favourite places within the space of just a few short days. It has a mix of just about everything possible, literally on your door step. A wander round the city leads you to Coffee Shops, bars, museums, canal boats, bikes, art and vintage, the list goes on.

However its 100% inevitable that you’ll hate bikes by the end of your trip!

The bike lanes aren’t necessarily well marked, so be prepared to be shouted at or have bells rang at you. Personally, I was shouted at in Dutch by a girl on the back of a bike wearing a rubber ring. I’ve literally no explanation to that one.

Below you’ll see a vintage perfumery I found, selling all kinds of now non existent smells and also an example of the tiling art that is found in all the doorways in houses. It’s a quirky place.


 So, where did I visit?

The ANNE FRANK HOUSE, as expected, was a long wait in line. However, it was well worth it to visitewwwwwwwwwwwwww such a monumental piece of history. During your visit you will get to explore the physical hide out of the Frank family. Anne’s bedroom showed her to be a stereotypical teenage girl with her walls decorated with magazine cuttings and photographs of actors and actresses, art and literature. Also being able to see the actual diary is something quite special.

She was shown as an extraordinary girl. However, as said by the museum,  it must also be highlighted she was not the only one living through these times.

[9 euros to visit]


The VAN GOUGH MUSEUM. Unfortunately,  you’re not allowed to take pictures in the actual gallery itself so I’ll just need to keep a mental note of my visit. The exhibition covers a variety of Van Gough’s personal stages in his artistic development. You will be able to see some of his self portrait documentation, Chinese inspired work and also some work from those who Van Gough has since inspired in the art world.

A personal highlight for me was being able to see “Sunflowers” in person [well one of the five at least], after spending months at school in fourth year studying it to every detail.

[17 euros to visit]


THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT was an experience to say the least. It’s one of those places you don’t really notice you’re there til you’re bang in the middle of it. There was no small introduction into the area, turn a corner and you’re fronted with the famed windows. It’s worth going for a giggle and to say you’ve been though.

PARADISO AND LOST were some of my favourite haunts during the stay.

Paradiso is your 02 abc/ academy [Glasgow] of Amsterdam. A renovated church, the building also gets used for gigs. The student night I visited worked as a sort of blast from the past playing the likes of MGMT and The Ting Ting’s – I felt like my 14 year old NME addicted self again. [5 euro entry]

LOST on the other hand was a more chill place to visit with its moraccan decor. I’ll be honest though and say the cute idea of the floor seating and low level tables doesn’t play well a few drinks in. Theres nothing flattering about that exit. [free entry]


SWEETS, PANCAKES AND WAFFLE SHOPS. Amsterdam is full of them! I’d definitely tell you to visit THE PANCAKE BAKERY, a dutch pancake and omelette house in a historic warehouse. Try poffertjes with butter and icing sugar and it will change your life. Plus they look cute, I mean they’re mini pancakes.


VONDELPARK is the Amsterdam equivalent of Central Park. It has plenty of places to laze about on a sunny day or go for a cycle/ walk if you’re feeling more adventurous.


THE RUBBER DUCK SHOP was something we stumbled upon accidently. I’m not quite sure if it’s a dutch thing but this shop was strangely one of the most exciting places. Somehow giving a rubber duck a whole new identity attracts a whole variety of people. There were hippie ducks, batman ducks, monk ducks, leopard print, the list goes on. Caught up in the moment, I bought myself a sassy little gold duck with feather boa.


Some other photos from my visit.


The doors and Bulldog coffee shops


Horse and Cart at Dam Square


 ‘Miffy’ dutch themed sculpture at The Museum District.


Thanks for reading!  I’m already planning my next visit.

Written By Fiona Kennedy.