And now for something a bit different. Feast your eyes & ears on these delights…



The Lighthouse in the neon-lit Mitchell Lane is a gem when it comes to discovering a variety of creative and unusual exhibitions and projects.
Visaurihelix looks to explore the buildings of Charles Rennie Mackintosh around Glasgow. But this isn’t a case of simply gawking at bricks and mortar; this is a chance to fully engage and interact with the buildings in a way that will awaken all your senses. Visauihelix encourages you to use various implements to turn the buildings into musical instruments as well as architectural wonders. You have all Winter to take part in this unique experience so there is no excuse for missing out.

On now, until January 2. Free.



Tours of Edinburgh will always be available and will always be informative.
This silent disco tour however, gives you the chance to dance to some of your favourite jams as you investigate the Old Town. Ghost stories and urban legends have never sounded so funky. This is surely the only way to have music blaring in the city centre without being hated by every passer-by, unless your dance moves are particularly elaborate or offensive, in which case people will probably still hate you. Cobbled streets might not seem like the ideal surface to have underfoot while dancing to some floor-fillers but we, as humans, have always been able to adapt.
Dancing on cobbled streets is the inevitable next step in our evolution.

On various dates at the Grassmarket.