And Now for Something Different….

And Now for Something Different by Lucy Sharpe

It’s been a hard slog but most of you have finally made it and can now reap the best rewards with an amazing summer of festivals, travelling, working abroad and all kinds of arts and cultural experiences before you delve back into student life or move out of the student bubble and into the work world.

Afore ye go check out what’s on locally. Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum has the coolest comic exhibition in the world and rightly so as the first ever comic was designed in Glasgow in 1825! We’re not just talking Marvel comics either – there’s a whole host of comic tales dating back to ancient Egpyt and through the Renaissance so if you are interested in art, comics, knowledge, creativity or anything then the Hunterian Museum is your new best hangout!

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So you fancy yourself as an artist you say or you figure you don’t have what it takes? Not so I tell you. Everyone has art inside them bursting to get out. Art, like music, comes in so many varied forms and is so subjective there is no right and no wrong, only vision. You can check out a wide selection of art classes at
House for Art Lover. Courses cost on average £11/week and include all materials with some classes even including lunch at the Art Lovers Cafe (ooooh!) so it’s time to indulge in your creativity. It’s an extremely therapeutic and rewarding experience and who knows what you may find out about yourself?

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It’s all just a joke to you isn’t it? And why not. Study and dissertations are over so shake off the stress and have a night where you can properly laugh your socks off safe in the knowledge you don’t have to get up early the next day with your head thumping. You can get up in the afternoon. (yaaaay!)
The Stand has seven live nights of all types of comedy so if your wit’s dry, alternative or observational then you should catch the new acts or check out some established acts testing out their new material. When you laugh at life nothing ever seems so bad…..unless you’re sitting in the front row. (which smells of pee for a reason!)

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The Stand, Glasgow and Edinburgh – check out for the latest shows.