Books vs Kindle

Books versus Kindle by Kerry Harkin

Since the invention of online books and little, portable tablets there has been an unresolved worry that books (the paper kind that is) are going out of fashion. Are we inevitably going towards a world similar to the Book Thief or Equilibrium, where books are bad and machines dominate? Both ways of reading have their benefits and drawbacks, but some people seems to prefer one to the other. So why is this?
Paperbacks and hardbacks have been around for years. They have a history, a connection to the world and they bring a sense of comfort to even the saddest of people. That feeling when you hold a book in your hand, take a breath and smell that new book smell, and feel the paper between your fingers. That feeling is amazing.
The great thing about books is that they won’t run out of charge. You can read them for as look as you want without having to constantly glance at that little battery symbol to judge your reading limit. No tablet can do that now, can they? You can so easily get lost in a book, forget the outside world and just relax. With a cup of something warm of course and a blanket for extra comfort. And no eye strain from staring at a screen for hours, which is always a plus.

The ability to look at a shelf and see the range of titles right there before your eyes is a great one. You can run your hand along the cracked spines and pick one out, without having to scroll through millions of titles without getting a sense of what the actual book is like. Libraries are also a magical thing; loads of people quietly sitting in a room enjoying their love of books together. I’ve always felt a link to those around me in a library, all those other people who want to read like me.
And then you’ve got what some people refer to as the dark side of reading. Tablets, such as Kindle’s, have lots of benefits too. They’re great, especially when you’re away on holiday. You can carry around hundreds of books easily and you’ll never run out of things to read. You’ll never have to worry about lugging loads of books to the beach or pool with you, or having to pack loads for a flight. Paper books can be so heavy, so having a tablet makes life easier. Everything you need is all there waiting for you.

Tablets are also far better for the environment. There’s no paper used and therefore our planet’s benefitting from their use. Think of those beautiful trees! Go nature! Plus, they are great for doing work and research. You can download a textbook and search the term you need to look up, without having to flick through pages and pages. They’ve helped people’s ability to learn and e-books are much cheaper than the physical book, which is good for schools, colleges and universities’ budgets.
Personally I love both. The handiness of the Kindle and the nostalgia of paper books. Books remind you you’re not living in a totally technological world. Everyone has their own preference, so what’s yours?