Can there be a more perfect time to fill up your day with some Cruise action? (if you’re a BA cabin crew member then quite possibly)

ETHAN HUNT’S mission, if he chooses to accept it (one day he might not and then where will we all be?!!), is to retrieve a briefcase containing three deadly plutonium cores.

A seller is about to conclude the sale of the radioactive material to Hunt but is shot by members of a terrorist group calling themselves The Apostles (I wonder how many of them are in this group?). The group force Ethan to choose between saving his team member or ensuring the safety of the case (oh how I love a dilemma).

Ethan chooses to save his friend but now leaves billions of lives at stake. His IMF (Impossible Mission Force) team now have to stop weapons dealer John Lark and The Apostles executing their plan – a nuclear attack on the religious centres of the world which includes the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca.


Solomon Lane (the bad guy from MI: Rogue Nation) escapes with two cores and even worse, one of the team members double crosses them and attempts to help Lane carry out the mass murder!

The other big problem is that none of the IMF know how to prevent the bomb from detonating once activated so they must think quick.

Will Ethan Hunt and the rest of the IMF stop Lane and The Apostles?

Mission Impossible: Fallout is an action-packed movie with many incredible stunts to enjoy and definitely the best in the franchise so far.

Extra exciting fact – apparently while attempting to perform some of the roof-jumping stunts Cruise broke his ankle proving how much of a daredevil (or total nutter) he really is.

Well worth a trip to the cinema so go and enjoy it!

Out in cinemas nationwide now.
review by Daniel Mcinnes