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A man in tights, a Marvel man in the water, a woman who flies with a brolly & a video game villain who turns to the light side. Bet they don’t use that as the taglines!

ROBIN HOOD Starring: Taaron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Eve Hewson, RELEASE DATE: out now. It’s rumoured that Robin Hood Begins was considered as the original title for the latest Robin Hood movie to hit the big screen in the same vein as the Batman Begins origins storyline. But rather than be tarred with


The Darkest Mind shines brightly but does it fade in the distance?

Ah, kids with super powers. That Stranger Things posse have been sorely missed but here's a gap stopper from...the producers of Stranger Things. These guys clearly know they're onto a good thing cos we're all super-obsessed. The Darkest Mind starts off with Ruby Daley (Lidya Jewett from The Hunger Games) realising


A hunk of beef being chased by a shark…what’s not to salivate over?

Would you abandon your friend if there was a mysterious, threatening creature attacking your underwater vessel? Of course you would(n't). Captain Jonas Taylor might not be your best choice of friend as that's exactly what he does in order to escape the Megalodon. The Meg isn’t quite your average Jaws-style


Can there be a more perfect time to fill up your day with some Cruise action? (if you’re a BA cabin crew member then quite possibly)

ETHAN HUNT'S mission, if he chooses to accept it (one day he might not and then where will we all be?!!), is to retrieve a briefcase containing three deadly plutonium cores. A seller is about to conclude the sale of the radioactive material to Hunt but is shot by members