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People getting knocked out on stage, sound systems failing, audience members crying out at inappropriate moments…Lucie Jones reveals more on and off stage antics!

X Factor is a distant memory for the supremely talented Lucie Jones, who has been performing all-singing, dancing and acting routines on stage for the past seven years. The shows have highlighted just how versatile the Welsh actress is. And though she now may dream of starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

It's a sensory overload for main character Christopher Boone as his logical, ordered, linear world of numbers and shapes begins to collapse before him. And there's no spoilers in revealing it all began with the death of Wellington, the next door neighbour's dog, who has been fatally speared with a


A tenacious girl who is determined to fight on for her freedom …last night at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal

A period drama set on a stage of scaffolding? It sounds like it shouldn’t quite make sense, but somehow works perfectly for Sally Cookson's production of Jane Eyre. Against a sparse background of wooden platforms & metal ladders designed by Michael Vale, the ever-enduring story of Jane Eyre is