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A Guide to the Next Step – the GOOD, the BAD & the REALITY

Got your grades? The freedom which comes with graduation is slightly tainted by the fencing you’ll notice running the parameter in the distance. You go from a smaller cage to a bigger one. You’re the free-range variation of free and the cage feels more like a battle ring. There’s a


The perfect guide to Graduation wear – Part Two

Prom. Graduation. Just those words could bring on a migraine. It’s the night to celebrate all your hard work over the last years and let loose, but crucially, the night when you’re most likely to find your photos plastered all over social media. Such an event calls for the perfect


Graduation….What to Expect & How to Handle It!

 Graduation...What to Expect & How to Handle It There’s not many days more exciting and more terrifying than your graduation – I should know, I’ve done it once already. It’s the culmination of four years of hard work (and sometimes hard drinking) and you deserve to make the most of every minute