Cinema releases

Hit the cinema this Winter to enjoy the most varied selection of films on release for a long time. Perhaps due to DC and Marvel not dominating the screen and also thanks to a couple of classic novel remakes, Star Wars sequels and a West End Lloyd Webber show adapted to film, there is a something to tickle everyone’s fancy. Eva Curran guides you through…


The Jumanji sequel is hitting the big screens for Winter. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Karen Gillan, Jack Black and Kevin Hart star in this feel-good action/adventure. As with the last fim, the newest adaptations have gone for a modern take rather than trying to appeal to the nostalgia of the original Jumanji. It’s a crowd-pleasing film that’s easy watching. The comedy is silly but then again so is the idea of being sucked into a video game. Overall, it’s a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. Who doesn’t want to watch The Rock in the rain. Sorry, just dreaming.
Release Date: December 13.


Disney is feeding off sequels right now but so are their millions of adoring fans. The first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel gave us a glimpse of sisters Elsa and Anna on their newest adventure to save the kingdom from a mysterious threat. So far it seems pretty intense. At least we have Olaf to brighten the mood! The new costumes and characters have been sending fans into meltdown. Elsa even wears her hair down – ground-breaking. I’m more excited about the soundtrack than Anna was when the gates were getting opened. Who knows what catchy songs Disney have in store for us this time.
RELEASE DATE: November 22.


Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Jane Kano are the newest angels in this action-packed remake. I was really excited when I heard about the reboot of Charlie’s Angels as it was one of my favourite films growing up. After watching the trailer it inspired me to re-watch the original.
Shock, horror. As a child, I failed to realise just how over-sexualised the angels actually were. I naively thought their most dangerous weapons were guns and rocket launchers but it turns out it’s their sex appeal.
The re-make’s director Elizabeth Banks said that this film will be, “sexy, but it’s not sexual”. With a great cast and a strong team work message, this could be a hit. Not long to wait and see if the original angels will enjoy a cameo.
Release Date: November 29


The Rise of Skywalker’s trailer has given us some exciting insights into the final instalment of the sequel’s trilogy. We had a glimpse of Rey dressed in black robes, wielding a red, double bladed lightsaber.
We can only hope that she hasn’t given in to the dark side and that this film is better than ‘The Last Jedi’. The trailer also showed us Kylo Ren making a new emo mask and the iconic original character Lando flying the Millennium Falcon.
We also got to see an emotional clip of Rey hugging General Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher. In the trailer, Luke’s compelling voice says, “No one’s ever really gone”. So, I’m expecting to see my favourite character Han Solo back with his best hairy friend Chewie in this instalment.
Release Date: December 19