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Dance, Read, Walk, View, Enjoy, Share, Entertain, Learn…Here’s some things you can do to keep you busy & put a smile on your face:


If you’ve got it, flaunt it –why cover it up when you can shake it about? If your belly is going to be there, it might as well make itself useful.
Chances are, this newly fashionable body part will only be further “enhanced” over the Winter months anyway. What with Christmas dinner and all.
The Little Egypt Studio hosts the lessons that are bound to see you develop a new skill you never thought you would have any intention of learning.
Who knows when it could come in handy?

Little Egypt Studio, Glasgow. Belly Dancing classes on now, until December 4.



Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Angela Lansbury, Pharrell Williams.

Another highly anticipated movie this winter is the animated remake of Dr Suess’ The Grinch.
We all know the original story; the Grinch is the grumpy green creature who hates Christmas.
However, it was produced by Illumination Entertainment, a company known for valuing profit over the quality of their movies, so things aren’t exactly looking great for this remake.
The titular character is voiced by the talented Benedict Cumberbatch, so perhaps he can help make up for what may be lacking in animation quality.

The Grinch cinema release date: November 9.



Quaintness within quaintness here.
Perusing books while surrounded by exotic plants at the Botanic Gardens is bound to be something a Jane Austen character has done at some point.
Maybe not set in Glasgow, next to a busy crossroads but nevertheless. The bookish among us can indulge in literary goodness as hundreds of second-hand and vintage books are there, ready to be rummaged through. Can’t you just smell the damp already? As long as you don’t think of the books as being the dead ancestors of the plants that are surrounding you, then the Book Fair is about as pleasant and gentle a pastime as you could hope for while walking around a chilly Glasgow.

Botanic Gardens, Glasgow. November 17 & 18 and December 15. Free.



Tours of Edinburgh will always be available and will always be informative.
This silent disco tour however, gives you the chance to dance to some of your favourite jams as you investigate the Old Town. Ghost stories and urban legends have never sounded so funky. This is surely the only way to have music blaring in the city centre without being hated by every passer-by, unless your dance moves are particularly elaborate or offensive, in which case people will probably still hate you.

Cobbled streets might not seem like the ideal surface to have underfoot while dancing to some floorfillers but we, as humans, have always been able to adapt. Dancing on cobbled streets is the inevitable next step in our evolution. On now at the Grassmarket, Edinburgh