Don’t Stress Part One

After all the sleepless nights and frantic deadline rushes, just how do we begin to settle our minds and bodies?
I’ve compiled a list of ten of the most recommended ways of doing this that are sure to make those stressful days a thing of the past (well at least until next semester).
It’s all about ‘me’ time. Make sure you take care of your mental health by indulging in activities that give you the most pleasure. Whether it’s boosting your wellbeing by listening to nature while walking, jogging or cycling or holding up in a cubby hole while you draw, read or just chill, break the mental and physical buzz and enjoy this Winter down time. Here’s a few tips courtesy of Rachel Salveta, to help see you through…


Not the most exciting one on the list but by far the most important.
By now, everyone knows the benefits to getting a good night’s kip and after many a sleepless night getting those essays up to scratch, there is a lot of it to catch up on. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling irritable, foggy and, let’s face it, not much fun to be around.
Only once your body has caught up with those much-needed Zzzz will it be ready to embark on some of the more physical aspects. Establish a sleep schedule – getting enough rest will have a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing and means you’ll be energised for the day ahead. Try going to bed at the same time every night for a week and you’ll feel the benefits!


Put away those academic books and get yourself a story you can really immerse yourself in. Perhaps a book has been pushed aside while you focused on work and is now gathering dust somewhere in your room. Well now is the time to dust it off, put your feet up or get under that duvet and lose yourself in another world.
Reading focuses your mind and it is generally regarded as one of the most relaxing pastimes. Dr Paula Byrne, author and founder of ReLit, a charity which promotes bibliotherapy for mental health, says “Books can take you to a different place. They can relax, calm, they can offer wisdom, or humour, or both.”


Although this craze may have died down a bit now, it’s never too late to reap the rewards of this simple yet effective de-stressing technique.
Marketed for adults as a tool for mindfulness in a busy world, this became incredibly popular a few years ago with colouring books for almost anything from your favourite TV show to cities and wildlife.
So why not stick on some of your favourite tunes, get those pens or pencils out and create some colourful masterpieces, after all, who said colouring was just for kids.


These days it seems like everyone is glued to their phone.
Whether it’s social media or just general web browsing, we could all benefit mentally from taking some time away. Some people would find this more challenging than others, but I believe it’s worth it.
Perhaps give yourself a challenge of not looking at your phone for a certain amount of time and then slowly build that time up until your mind feels a little more peaceful without the constant bombardment of information and notifications. And of course, the time spent away from our phones can turn into more quality time with others.


Do you feel like there’s an endless list of shows that friends kept telling you to watch but due to a heavy workload you never got the chance?
Well now is the time. Get your drinks and snacks at the ready and settle in for an entire series in one day.
What could be better than knowing you have nothing else to get done and can just immerse yourself in episode after episode of great TV? Whether it’s just catching up on a new season of one of your favourite shows or the excitement of finally getting around to watching that show that was all the rage when you were drowning in university work, not much can compare to wrapping yourself in a blanket and lounging on the couch all day. After all, it is totally deserved.