Don’t Stress Part Two

Do you feel like your social life has taken a bit of a back seat recently?
Now’s the time to get it back on track. Arrange those cinema outings, dinner dates and just general catch-up meetings with those nearest and dearest to you that you may have neglected to see over the past few months.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine so get your mind and body balanced again with a good laugh with friends and family. Socialising can be incredibly important after being cooped up in libraries for hours on end so don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with others once again. Friends, family, flat mates – it’s all good as long as you’re getting back in the mix says Rachel Salveta.


There are few things more satisfying than getting out on the open road and exploring new territories. Marvelling at new sights or simply visiting some of your favourite places is a sure-fire way to get your mind and body energized again.

Unable to take that little bit of time away from our usual surroundings can leave us feeling antsy and restless so, when the semester ends, this can be an incredibly freeing experience. For those lucky enough to have some extra cash at the end of term, this could possibly turn into a longer holiday a bit further from home.


During college or university time it’s certainly not uncommon to let things pile up and pile up as it seems there’s just no time in between classes and studies to do anything else. However, now that time is over, it’s the perfect opportunity to de-clutter and this is as much a physical exercise as it is a mental one (to de-clutter your space is also to de-clutter your mind). So, take some time out to lift those clothes off the floor or store all your notes away for next year and by the end of it, you’re sure to feel way more refreshed and lighter.


When I say this, I don’t necessarily mean drenching yourself in sweat down at your local gym, although of course it’s great if you’re up for that. Exercise can simply just be going for a walk, jogging, running or basically anything that gets your heart rate up a little and gets those endorphins going.

After what was probably a good few months sitting in front of a computer screen, this is key to developing a good level of fitness again. Or better yet why not take that dance class you’ve been wanting to try or embark on a new sport. With way more time on your hands now, it won’t be so hard to squeeze in that little bit of exercise throughout the day.


You’ve spent countless days and nights working away at coursework so it’s only fair that you should treat yourself, right? Allow yourself to splurge a little – get that piece of jewellery that you’ve spotted in the window or buy that DVD whose release you’ve been anticipating. Alternatively go for a much needed chillout session at your favourite coffee shop or buy the latest best selling novel. No matter what it is, you should do something that will give you that instant lift and sometimes that is all that’s needed to put you in a better place mentally and physically. It’s time for ‘me’ time.