Check Out The Ultimate Summer Job!

Looking for the ultimate job this Summer? Head Stateside and grab a slice of the American pie at Summer Camp USA with BUNAC. This totally unique experience will see you living in a beautiful lake- side location, teaching sports and leading kids’ activities, all the while having fun in the sun and making mates for life. University of Glasgow student Caitlin did just that, returning to work at an American Summer Camp for the last three summers.

Caitlin – sum up BUNAC Summer Camp USA in 3 words
Fun, rewarding, delicious (American food is goooood!!)

What job do you do at Camp?
I worked as a Lifeguard and Swimming Coach, teaching kids aged 6-16 of varying abilities.
Watersports and activities are really popular at Camps – most are centered around a lake, and everyday there are swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, kayaking and windsurfing lessons.

Did you have much experience before you went?
I was unsure if I had enough experience with children before I applied, but when I called BUNAC they coached me through my application. My previous swimming experience and time coaching at my local pool made my application for Camp stand out, and I flew to America a week early to take part in Lifeguard Training and gain the US qualification.

What made you want to work at a Summer Camp in the USA?
Uni summer holidays are long, and I really wanted to make the most of it. I knew I’d need to do some work over the break, but also wanted a holiday, and to do something to help make my CV stand out for when I graduated. I heard about BUNAC Summer Camp USA through a friend and thought I’d much rather swap my local swimming pool for a beautiful sunny lakeside any day! I love sports, have worked with kids before and wanted to do something totally different. It was a no brainer!


What was life at Camp like?
Nothing like my life in Glasgow! The days start early, but each day I sprang out of bed, ready for another adventure, and the kids in my cabin did the same. After breakfast (PANCAKES YUM!) it would be off to teach activities.I’d spend most of my days up at the lake – teaching and looking after the kids, but also getting an amazing tan! We’d have lunch and dinner as a whole Camp and then each evening play fun games and activities. I don’t think I’ll ever laugh quite so much again in my life.

You got hired at the BUNAC Camp Job Fair right?
Yep – and it was such a fun day! A bit like a uni job fair, BUNAC flew Camp Directors over to the UK, and I got to meet my future boss in person. I also met so many great people, who were all going to the States to do the same thing I was, learnt loads more about what Camp would be like, and got offered the job of my dreams at Camp Sloane – where Denzel Washington used to work as a Counsellor! SO COOL!

summer camp

Did Camp live up to your dreams?
I HAD THE BEST SUMMER EVER! I made friends from around the world, got to do so many cool “American” things I’d never have got to do if I just went on holiday – eating a corndog at a High School Football game, complete with cheerleaders?! Awesome! I also got 30 days to travel America after Camp ended. I called BUNAC to plan my trip back as soon as I landed home in the UK.

What did you take away from your time at Camp? I really have made friends for life. I’ve also learnt a lot about myself – I’m better at leadership than I thought and working with kids 24/7 has shown me how adaptable I am and good at thinking on my feet too. Come at me grad jobs!

Ready for your Summer of a lifetime? Go to the BUNAC Summer Camp USA Job Fair – 22nd January 2019, Glasgow. Learn more, get interviewed and #GetHIRED – all in one day. Get your Summer sorted now.

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