Dry, Dry and Dry Again

Cracked lips that look as arid as the Sahara or a tight face that would have put Donatella Versace’s to shame are about as appealing as Grumio’s knickers.

So here’s some cheap and cheerful tips on how to improve your complexion and switch that glow from an innie to an outie.

Having dry skin means experiencing tightness due to lack of moisture and a need for a proper lubricant to rehydrate it.

Have no fear my DIY girls, many home remedies can help improve your dry flaky facial skin and leave you with enough dosh to dazzle this party season…and it’s a perfect excuse to have a pamper night!


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
Moisture forms a protective layer on the skin keeping it hydrated.
Thicker moisturizers, such as over the counter brands Eucerin and CetaphilOils, work best.
Oils such as bay oil, tend to be better at trapping the water on your skin.


Winter is no friend of ours. Heating in homes evaporate the water from the air, which makes it very dry.
Humidifiers come in useful by adding moisture to the air. Either humidify the whole room or get a portable humidifier.

Olive Oil and Egg Yolk

Mix it baby! Olive oil and egg yolk are the must haves for this season’s dry skin (see what I did there!).
It’s a popular natural antioxidant enriched with vitamins E and K that works wonders when a teaspoon of it is combined with two egg yolks and whipped together to obtain a stable consistency (once you’ve got this sussed Bake Off’s next on the list!) The egg yolks contain vitamin A that controls skin-shedding and makes it soft and smooth. For better results, add a few drops of lime juice and rose water.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil makes the skin feel softer and removes any scaly feeling by moistening it in a natural way.
It has enough fatty acid that make up for any moisture loss and works best when left on for an entire night.
Apply a proper amount before going to sleep and wash it off in the morning; do this every night and you’ll turn into a radiant, kick-ass princess.

Lemon Juice and Vinegar

Not only does lemon juice lighten your tache and disinfect your house without the use of dodgy chemicals but this useful little baby can also be used as an exfoliating scrub made by mixing lemon juice and sugar.
It leaves your skin soft and glowing. With a circular massage of the skin with this beauty scrub, rough spots on the face become even.

Vitamin C in the lemons lighten the skin tone, remove patches and encourages cell growth. Mix a teaspoon of sugar and mix it with juice of half a lemon, use cotton balls to scrub all over the face.
Put a jar of it on your nightstand and apply it regularly.

Avacado and Honey

A mask is prepared using mashed avocados and honey for problematic dry areas.
Just mix a half cup of honey with half a mashed avocado, leave the mixture on for 15 minutes (leave it I say, no chomping during your beauty regime!), then rinse off.

Almond Oil

An excellent source of Vitamin E, almond oil is the best emollient and lubricator for scorched skin.
It’s non-greasy oil readily gets absorbed in the skin.

Even using it in small amounts on the face can help moisten, repair and restore the protective barrier to its original shape.
Gently massage almond oil onto your face for 3-5 minutes, then leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

A word of caution to those who are allergic to nuts – although almond oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory action it is not intended for people who are allergic to nuts.
Any application of almond oil would only aggravate the condition leaving the skin in an even worse state. You don’t want that.

Castor Oil

Full of magical healing powers of ricinoleic acid and Vitamin E that guard your skin against the evil soap, warm water and winter goblins, this natural astringent removes all impurities from the skin as it is easily absorbed and nourished.
Simply dab some castor oil on extremely dry areas of your face, such as the corners of the nose, around the mouth, and around the hairline.

Petroleum Jelly and Glycerin

For years, people have used petroleum jelly and glycerine oil for…well…let’s not discuss that right now.
But now we can pamper and smooth, pamper and smooooth.
Use equal amounts to make a mixture and then apply to your dry skin and, voila, results will inevitably (probably) follow. You’re welcome.

Banana and Yoghurt

I’m thinking milkshakes but apparently those banana and yogurt bad boys are nature’s gift to those who are exhausted looking after their skin by spending half of their income buying all kinds of cosmetic products that promise the world and deliver sweet Foxtrot Alpha.

The mixture not only moisturizes the skin, but also exfoliates dead cells – what’s not to like?
Prepare a face pack using mashed bananas with yogurt until it’s paste consistency then apply to the dry bits.
Wait half an hour (pray the doorbell rings so you can frighten the Special Delivery man or Taylor Lauckner who just happened to be walking by) and then rinse off with warm water.


IT looks like goo and even the word’s unappealing but leave some milk and lemon juice in your fridge to set and you’re on to a winner.

It’s rich in antioxidants so ideal for dry skin. Natural and cost effective, what’s not to like about this facial mask with lactic acid that rids the skin of any germs or bacteria that may be harmful to it.