Easter hols sorted…Carnival of Light, The Amazing Science of Bad, Age of Perfection


Get your face paint out, your high-vis on and light yourself up like a Christmas tree on holiday in Vegas.
This is a club night that will leave you needing new retinas the next morning. Of course not.
The Carnival of Light celebrates all things illuminated. The night will include house and garage music from beginning to end, Chinese dragons, acrobats, body painters and lots of other dazzling displays to keep you up until the early hours of the morning.
The festival also includes some things called “light inspired puppets”. Presumably these are well-crafted, high-tech, complex pieces of craftsmanship as opposed to someone just setting fire to a Tickle Me Elmo. Either way, what a spectacle. At a time of year when many a festival is just around the corner, why not get yourself to one that doesn’t require a three-day commitment, is indoors making the weather irrelevant and is happily affordable.
The Carnival of Light takes place on April 1 at the o2 Academy, Glasgow. £19.99



Crumbs, heck, blast, dang, poppycock, balderdash. It’s unlikely that any of these will be included in this purely scientific analysis of sweary words.
Real, genuine science folk believe that swearing could, in fact, be good for our health. This begs the question: why is Scotland suffering such a health crisis? Much better and more interesting questions will be addressed in The Science of Bad Language, and you’ll come away with plenty of fun facts about the nation’s favourite pastime. Having spent so much of your academic life in lectures, attending a discussion might not seem like the most appealing thing in the world. But if you fancy an excuse to indulge in some top-class, scientific cursing then this could be a worthwhile education.
The Amazing Science of Bad Language takes place on April 5th at Summerhall, Edinburgh. £8.50.


social media

It may have escaped your notice, but it turns out that most of us have well and truly bought into the ‘selfie’ obsession.
I for one won’t leave the house without Instagramming my Shreddies-based breakfast routine for the world to see. And probably mock. But in a world in which we’re bombarded with constant messages about physical standards of ‘perfection’, is it any surprise that we make bad choices from time to time? Think excessive gym use and dieting, use of unnecessary supplements and misuse of illicit drugs.
These issues will be explored as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival. Smartphone banned. Probably.

The Age of Perfection…takes place at 12.30pm on April 7 at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. From £6.50.