Ed Sheeran – Divide and conquer

The Good People of the World have spoken and Ed Sheeran has yet again dominated the charts and captivated our attention in what feels like a never-ending (six-year) cycle of great songs. Whether it’s Plus, Multiply or Divide one thing is for sure – every album equals success.

Latest mathematical equation, Divide, has that rare quality of mixing many music genres and yet still managing to delight his fans and introduce something new. Personally I would have gone for the title Enhance because that’s what it does. I get the theme but Divide’s such a negative word and there’s nothing negative about this multi-talented, singer songwriter.

Castle on the Hill offers its passion and heartfelt lyrics, Galway Girl is a lively, Celtic, folky shindig, Happier has a Coldplay feel about it.

This feels like I’m going to take a leaf out of The Blue Day Book description-wise (great book by the way!). There are smoochy songs and BiBia BeYeye has a calypso Paul Simon Graceland feel with sunshine and jerk chicken by the bucketload.

New Man has some great bitter lyrics – are you the guy who’s ‘got his eyebrows plucked and his ar****le bleached…?’ Though he does add, ‘I remember when we sipped champagne…’ and I really can’t see that Ed. You don’t strike me as a champagne sort of guy but seeing as you can’t do any wrong we’ll forgive you for that visual.

Yes, there’s everything in that there album and I’ll be havin’ me some of that Ed Sheeran stuff ‘cos it’s good for the soul.

By Susie Daniels