Headlining the first night of any festival, nevermind T in the Park, is not a simple task. Scottish crowds can be some of the most judgemental yet mental around. However, as my ever cheesy headline suggests, the Leicester boys Kasabian made it look a breeze.

Still going strong off the back of their fifth studio album “48:13”, Meighan and co took to the stage – opening with bumblebee. You can’t put it past them; they do know how to get a crowd going. Much like their Hydro show last year the band tried to have a bit of banter with their Scottish slang references on stage. Pizzorno coming out with tops labelled “radge” and “buckie”.

With a Mix of old and new across the set, with a few covers thrown in, such as Iggy Pop [lust for life]. I’m not too sure if this was a trainspotting reference. Also making an appearance amongst their own original songs were Cameo – word up and a tribute to Jim Morisson with the doors [people are strange].

Kasabian’s classics of underdog, clubfoot and fire were made to be played in outdoor venues. The crowd reaction was amazing – even with a wee joke from Pizzorno telling them to calm it cause of the ospreys. They played a little humour around the birds which have caused a bit of havoc to the site plans with RSPB mentioned behind them onstage.

They have progressed a long way since their first appearance at T on the NME/ Radio 1 stage. Yet they chose to document this by involving a few of their lesser played tracks, such as Thick as thieves and pinch roller.

All of this, mixed with flares, a psychedelic lightshow and skeleton clad tour band it made for one hell of a gig. Closing with their ever traditional Fatboy Slim “praise you” into L.S.F it’s safe to say they’ve set the standard for the weekend, never failing to disappoint. Kasabian were made to play festivals!

Written By Fiona Kennedy