Emeli Sande and fellow Brit School graduate Adele has a massive blast where it felt they were never out of the charts.

Is this your time?
It definitely does feel like the beginning of something really cool. It has been so exciting.

You have a sassy diva soul look about you. You’ve been influenced by Lauryn Hill and Eta James Is that any particular influence on your style?
I’m inspired by them but with my style I’m not really influenced by anyone in particular. I like to keep up with anything going on.

Competitive swimming was part of your teenage life. Does that help give you the competitive edge on the rest of your life?
I’ve always been quite driven being a sportsman isn’t that different to being an artist in that way.

You’ve got lots of cat images on Twitter. Do you have your own cats and what are their names?
I have two, Frank and Edward. They live with my mum. They’re so ugly that’s what makes them so funny.

Who has been your favourite person to collaborate with?
DJ Fressh. He’s such a lovely person! We get on very well.

What was Brit School like for you and have any of your peers enjoyed similar chart success?
Noone else on my course made it into the charts because I studied Musical theatre. I learnt a lot there. There is discipline and a lot of structure.

Tell me about the Sky Academy you have become involved with.
It’s a very exciting time for women write now. I work on the scholarship section of the Academy. Around 1,000 people apply and are given £30,000 to complete work in their field such as visual design, choreography, animation, film. It would normally cost around £200,000 but the Academy can help with the money. The Sky Academy wouldn’t have benefited me as I didn’t need more help but it would have been so amazing to meet someone in the industry to tell you what it’s like. When I sit down with people in the Academy I don’t want them to think I know everything.

What was your background like? Did need a helping hand at any point?
I went to boarding school and I grew up around people who were quite privileged. I was surrounded by people who had connections I the industry. JJ (Jonathan Joseph) who was three or four years above me at school is in the England rugby team.

What’s you ideal holiday to relax for Christmas and New Year?
Not in the UK! Mexico in the sun with my boyfriend sitting on the beach the whole time drinking cocktails.

Your birthday falls on April Fool’s Day. Have you had to deal with a lot of wind ups on your birthday or you being the perpetrator of the pranks?
Pranks really p*ss me off. Noone’s really tried to do it to me. A lot of people would assume people would go out of their way to get me but on tour they play a lot of pranks like fake rats in the beds but they never play it one me! If I did see it I wouldn’t care.

What’s your favourite food?
Sushi. I’m a massive lover of sushi.

What’s your advice to anyone joining the music industry?
Be nice to everybody. You never know who you’re going to meet along the way.