Enjoy the Day in Style

Enjoy the Day in Style by Susie Daniels

Let’s face it, if you want to look good and enjoy the day you’re going to have to book and buy. Book your hair stylist – come on, it’s a one-off day.¬†Unless your flatmate’s a whizz with the ghds then why risk it not going perfectly. Remember, this is like a Yearbook, images of this will NEVER erase. They’re there FOREVER!

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So once you’ve booked the stylist the second most important thing is what to wear when you celebrate. If you’re a guy it’s less of a choice but you still want to look your best, don’t you?

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For guys we’re talking kilts, suit or at least a slick look and if you’re a posho then black tie at night.


Speaking of night time, great news is you get a slap-up meal and don’t fork out a penny thanks to all that hard work you put in that did your family proud.

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So enjoy the day, eat, be merry and remember that that study cloud you had looming over you like thick fog has been lifted. Whether you’re going to enjoy what the summer has to offer in the shape of music festivals or volunteering at home or abroad make the most of whatever you do because this is the book of your life and you’ve just turned the page to the next chapter!