Fashion for Spring – Check it Out by hannah Ahmed

Fashion for Spring – Check it Out by Hannah Ahmed

It’s more of a draped,casual look for Spring/ Summer so place your skinnies at the back of your closet – even if there’s so much back there you could easily start your own shwop club!

It’s time to embrace clothes in all their patterns and colour while mixing it up a little!

Gingham, silk, loose-fitting t-shirts and anything that screams, ‘I’m doing it my way’ is the order of the day.
Hannah Ahmed offers her top tips on how to achieve all the looks flawlessly…

spring 2017 fashion gingham 1

Gingham might be a pattern you associate with primary school uniforms, Wizard of Oz Dorothy and tablecloths, but it’s time to reintroduce checked clothing into your wardrobe.

The mighty print has managed to make its way onto red carpets – a la Cara Delavigne – and is so versatile and easy to wear.

Pair it with a simple white cotton t-shirt to contrast with the pattern for an everyday outfit.
Alternatively, team it up with some black heels for an uber dressy look.

spring 2017 fashion gingham 3