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Fashion illustration? It’s a lot more than just drawing clothes. You have to understand the form of the body, its movement and ways to visually represent textures. This gets taken to a whole new level when in the shoes of a fashion designer – they have to design the garment aswell! Fashion illustration is the much more refined artistic representation of a design which goes on to be used in promotion, often commissioned for use in magazines within editorials. The pieces convey a mood and are very personal to the designer, conveying a person in a unique manner. So it’s no wonder its visual appeal has led to this style of art taking pride of place within many interior stores stock. IKEA for one have large watercolour prints on canvas.

Within Scotland there are little specific illustrative courses, instead fashion based courses within colleges and universities incorporate this within their programme. However I feel when studying the students don’t get a lot of time to develop a specific drawing style, as a lot of emphasis is now placed towards CAD [computer aided design] within the industry. This has been mentioned by the original BIBA designer and founder Barbara Hulanicki on many an occasion.

However, as I want to highlight through featuring EMILY BRINKLEY and ERI GRIFFIN, there is very much still space for illustrators within the industry. One an established member within the industry and one a promising student bound to go places in the future.


Emily Brinkley is a current student at London College of Fashion in the field of fashion 3 jpg Her illustrations can be described as hand drawn femininity. Her quirky, vibrant style makes her work stand out visually with her dolly, doe eyed figures. However she can then turn to realism with her illustration, which she gives her own twist regarding colour choices. It is apparent Emily is not afraid to experiment with media, allowing her to chop and change her style. Previous research has led her to the use of bleach and ink, as well as teaming the ipad and her hand drawn creations.

Her portfolio of work has includes 60s and 70s style art, illustrating designers such as Orla Kiely and Jonathan Saunders. Also Emily has recently collaborated with ‘Velvet Cave Clothing’ – a seller of both vintage and handmade clothing. I myself have an exciting collaboration planned with Emily soon regarding the blog – so keep your eyes peeled for that. As a fan of her work I can’t wait!

Emily’s prints are available to buy at where they can also be turned into phone cases, wall art, pillows, bags and greeting cards.

Facebook – ‘Emily Brinkley Illustration’

Instagram – @emilybrinkley

Tumblr – www.emilybrinkleyillustration.tumblr .com

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Eri Griffin is a professional freelance illustrator based within Edinburgh since 2010. Her illustrations Snapshot(4)cover fashion, sports, nature and branding and have been published in books and magazines [such as good housekeeping] and have been used as editorial/ commercial designs.

Originally from Japan her influence from this region is apparent within her calligraphy style illustrations. Eri makes use of black and white ink through line structures. Her creations are simple yet creative, she shows a range of textures through brushstroke.

However, Eri has also ventured out her comfort zone at times and also created vibrant pieces, such as the images below.


Check her artwork portfolio at


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Five models will be used in the event, wearing designs from local Edinburgh independent designers and boutiques. Breaks between the presentations will allow for networking , discussion or just to top up your drink. A quirky way to promote local talent, the event is ideal for bloggers and students.

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Written By Fiona Kennedy