Festivals of fun Issue 15 – What you need

WHETHER you’re rocking at Rockness, getting drunk at TITP or taking an adventure down at Reading, it is crucial that you have everything you need to make your weekend go smoothly. The obvious items for camping are your tent, wellies and a sleeping bag so make sure you invest in the essentials as cheap alternatives will not last the weekend. MELISSA LANG presents a list of must-have festival gear…

FIRST stop should be at your student union or student support service to stock up on your FREE contraceptive supply!   But don’t worry too much as many festival sites also give out free condoms so be sure to check out their website before you hit the road.

FESTIVAL veterans will know that many of the walks to the campsites can be unpleasant.
Trailing three days of drink through the mud and rain can be strenuous and many unhappy campers end up dumping half of their goodies on the way there.
The best way to carry your stuff in style is with, yes, a granny trolly! With one of these there will be no pre-festival drama and when you get there you’ll be ready to party!

UNLESS you’re one of the unusual campers who love to roll around in the mud all weekend and wear the same clothes for three days, you may want to take some cleaning alternatives. Keep fresh and beautiful all weekend with your “glamper” pack. Make sure that you take with you some dry shampoo, deodorant and lots of baby wipes. You never know you may even pull!

SAVE money while you’re away with this handy drink pouch, which you should be able to pick up at any of your local pound shops or online. These foldable, flexible pouches make it easy to smuggle your drink into the areas. As these are refillable they will save
you money and time from waiting around at the busy area bars.

FESTIVAL toilets can best be described as filthy and disgusting. But avoiding them for three days isn’t going to happen. So meet your toilet alternative.\
A five pack of P-Mates is £3.99 from their website but this investment means, no more nasty cubicals and no more holding it in!

PACK clothes for all conditions. Cheap anoraks should be available at the event and they won’t be too heavy when you’re dancing or on a stranger’s shoulders at the gigs. Don’t just prepare for the rain – make sure you take sunglasses, sun cream and a trilby to avoid sun stroke.