KEVIN KELLY is a personal trainer with his own gym, Kevin Kelly Personal Training, based in Hamilton.
   He is a qualified Master Trainer, runs a Saturday morning Boot Camp and is more than happy to take time out to share his top tips on how to achieve a healthy, fit body with a few lifestyle changes.

Fitness DVDs
   The celebrity on the front cover of any fitness DVD has had their own personal trainer and a superb food plan, probably with their own nutritionist.
   It’s a massive piece of the pie, if you’ll forgive the pun, that they don’t mention. A lot of the problem with doing fitness videos is your body is training itself to do the same thing over and over again.
   After so long the routine won’t have the same impact on your body. If the goals are to have a fit toned body you want to have a good mix in your training regime.

   Some people go to classes three times a night thinking that’s great but if your body gets used to it, it knows there’s no shock to the system.
   The body perspiring and working, yes it’s working and you’re getting fitter but in terms of change for your body in tone and shape there’s no difference.
   One person could be the same height and weight as another and only one looks toned and fit. It’s a result of the training. If one person looks in better shape they’re putting more emphasis on what they’re doing, for example, they’re maybe doing it for quick bursts of time.
   A lot of balance-type classes are good and exercises in a gym with ropes, hurdles, sprint tracks, and tables you can jump on.
   The natural movements of jumping, running, pushing and pulling are all good for you. The body’s not necessarily built to get into positions for yoga and pilates.

Nutrition Plan
   I agree 100% with the TV documentary ‘The People That Made Us Thin’ that it’s more diet than exercise that’s important.
   I tell my new clients that it’s a mix of 75 per cent diet and 25 per cent fitness. I give my clients a nutrition plan. A lot of people don’t eat enough and that’s why they don’t lose weight or they should eat better.
   It’s hard to get your head round but it’s especially prevalent in Scotland and the rest of the UK. We’re not exposed to enough naturally good food.
   This generation knows about fast foods and takeaways and quick sugars and food that looks appealing like chocolate bars at checkouts and petrol garages.

Gym Workouts
   If your goal is to get toned or put on muscle then training and going to a gym is very important for that lean, athletic look.
   A nice shape can work through diet alone but not toning. And vice versa training will only get you so far if you only train so nutrition is also key.

Life Challenges
   Some people throw numbers around about how many times you should walk a week and how long for.
   These are too vague or generalised. One’s perception of how they lead their life needs to change like taking the stairs instead of the lift.
   I studied at Strathclyde University at the town campus and there’s a lot of hills. Walking up the hills was a pain in the backside but you never think at the time about the great exercise.
   You should be thinking, ‘can I get up five, ten or 15 minutes earlier to walk?’ or ‘take the route that involves going up the hill?’
   When you’re away from home it’s always easier if you do things with friends either at sports clubs, gyms or outside. Even getting a training partner helps.
   To say, ‘we’re going to get up at seven in the morning’ will make you do it. It’s too easy if you’re on your own training to just give up.

Personal Sessions
   It’s really important when I do my personal training it’s 30-minute sessions.
   There’s a lot of people that like to keep fit but for ones who find it hard when you say ‘go all out’ it has to be for 10, 20 or 30 minutes and just pushing yourself each time to do extra. It’s not realistic to do it for longer than that.
   On campus most have good gyms but most also have good grounds. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re likely to fail.
   Find a friend and jog round campus and create your own mini circuit. Jog from one tree to the next then sprint to the next tree and so on.

Boot Camp in the Rain
   People who want to do boot camp and are willing to turn up in the first place won’t mind the rain or bad weather.
   They might like getting wet and dirty because it takes them back to their childhood and it’s fun!
   The weather doesn’t put many people off, you can just put on an extra jacket. If it’s very bad then it would be cancelled or moved to a gym where possible.

Best Equipment for Legs, Bums & Tums
   There is a mix of things. Five good pieces to have are a set of hand weights, kettle bells to work every part of your body, skipping ropes for a good cardio element, a floor or abs mat and a platform like a small table.
   Kettle bells are like a metal bell with a shoe-horn shape attachment which you hold so you can swing it.
   There’s usually a beginners, intermediate and advanced class.
   Some bells are made of steel or can be small, lightweight plastic with sand inside. They range from two to 40 pounds, are great for strength and getting the heart rate going. There are different areas you can work and you get a complete body workout from them.

But Most Importantly…
   The key to make you fitter is a good diet or nutrition plan, a good, mixed and varied training and exercise plan, a positive outlook on life and surrounding yourself with fit and positive, enthusiastic people!

   You know you’re only gym it ‘cos it’s hot right now…

Zumba, Metafit & Hot Yoga
   Zumba and Metafit classes have passed the fad stage and have a brand of their own.
   Yoga has always been popular and hot yoga is basically someone putting a twist on normal yoga – I don’t really see it taking off.
   Zumba seems to be very popular amongst females. It’s the combination of dance and fitness that works.
   People who like to dance, go with their friends and also there aren’t many guys at the classes which can sometimes add an element of intimidation.
   Although there are hard moves and techniques it’s more about fun and it’s a natural type of movement.

Thump Boxing
   Thump Boxing was developed in Australia and it’s very big in the US, Australia and Ireland but it hasn’t taken off in this country quite yet.
   It’s based more on traditional boxing. It’s not like a body conditioning class.
   Basically, it’s learning self-defence and boxing techniques in a fun, fitness environment but you are learning the way a boxer would learn.
   Boxing training is one of the best classes for cardio.

Tabata Training
   It’s more a style and method and is taken from the Middle East.
   Tabata training is about mixing exercises, for example, eight sets of burpees for 30 seconds then rest then something else for ten seconds and so on. Tabata training is more the type of thing you would throw in at the end of a session when you think you have nothing left to give and you manage that wee bit extra. 

   Plyometrics is a style or method that’s used by sprinters like Usain Bolt, footballers and basketballers.
   Plyometrics is very much based on explosive movement such as jumping and leaping.
   With a sprinter such as Usain Bolt running the 100 metres, he would do a lot of plyometrics because he explodes with a quick burst of energy at the start of his race. Basketballers do the same when they are jumping.

Ugi Classes
   Ugi classes involve a 15 inch ball, which is squishy like a bean bag.
   These classes are getting bigger in the UK.
   It’s a 30-minute class with background music combining strength, cardio and core training aimed at getting functionally fit.

Viper Training
   Viper training involves using a long hollow tube with two holes cut out for hands so it can be lifted.
   The guy that thought it up worked on a rubbish dump and found a long tube that held a carpet in.
   He lifted it a certain way and thought ‘wait a minute’ and viper was born.