Forget Spring cleaning, the Easter Bunny or the resurrection of Jesus Christ…..Luke Hawkins knows where it’s all happening

Spring Music Previews by Luke Hawkins

Forget Spring cleaning, the Easter Bunny or the resurrection of Jesus Christ- this Spring sees the release of some hugely anticipated album releases. I’m here to make sure you know when the download release dates are or, can’t believe I’m saying it, get ready for the queue at HMV. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but I’m going all retro with my buying…


Temples- Volcano, March 3rd 2017

Temples straddle the line between the current semi-synth, indie sound you hear around any indie bars today and an altogether more interesting kind of rock. Their last album, Sun Structures, rightly gained a lot of positive attention and with the extra tracks whacked onto the production of the likes of lead single Certainty, the band are obviously taking on board the scale of their shows and wanting to fill whatever venues they arrive at in the near future with as full a sound as possible.

Grandaddy- Last Place, March 3rd 2017

It’s been around a decade since Grandaddy’s last offering but the hopeless romantic types who make up their fanbase aren’t really the type to kick up a fuss. News of a new release will be greatly appreciated though. The characteristically heartbroken sound of Clear Your History and the hallmark Grandaddy sound all over latest single, Way We Won’t give reassurance that Last Place is not pointlessly exploring weird, experimental new places but is instead sticking to the timeless Grandaddy sound that puts them in the same space as the likes of Beck and The Eels.

Ed Sheeran- Divide, March 3rd 2017

From the slightly obscure to the torrents of the mainstream. Despite looking like a Fraggle Rock puppet come to life, Ed Sheeran has conquered the UK charts and cracked the US, working with the likes of Pharrell and The Weeknd. Sheeran lifted the curtain on Divide with single Castle on the Hill, which is a readymade crowd-pleaser for any festivals he plans on visiting this summer. It sounds like Ed has aimed for a Springsteen-esque sound but the song is more reminiscent of Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance (which I’m sure will be good news for most of his fans).

Tennis- Yours Conditionally, March 10th 2017

If the music and lyrics were no good then this duo would be an out-and-out novelty act. However, with sincere lyrics about absolute devotion and the sound of sweet, sanguine keyboards and guitars, Tennis honour the 70s sound in a genuinely gorgeous way. It’s impossible not to smile listening to them, either because of just how entrenched in the 70s sound they are or just because of the satisfaction you feel listening to something so pleasant. To go with the retro sound, they have paired In the Morning I’ll Be Better with a gaudily lit, soft focus video (also featuring moustache and perm).