Gamer Or Beer Drinker? Both? Here’s How To Do It In Style…


Wading through boozed-up locals clogging up Glasgow parks may not exactly be a new experience for many of us – but at least this way someone makes a coin out of it. The outdoor-but-mostly-indoor drinking extravaganza that is Oktoberfest brings beer, massive sausages and ill-advised costumes to the southside of the city for five days in October.

The event’s official website boasts of the possibility of spotting men in Lederhosen and Dirndl – I know, right – as well as uplifting music from a proper Oompa band and a handful of surprises to keep the tented party going.Helpfully, the website also provides a list of songs to learn for those who take their drinking and singing seriously.

And if you glug just enough of the specially-brewed Bavarian ale then you might even be tempted to shell out a further £29 on costume hire for the day to really make yourself the envy of your roaringly drunk friends.
Good times.
Oktoberfest is on at Queens Park Recreation Ground, Glasgow from October 17-21.


resonate total gaming

Bafta-led Young Designer workshops at Resonate Total Gaming allows visitors and aspiring gamers the opportunity to learn from the best gamers in the industry. So one day your nocturnal or weekend addiction can become more than just an obsession (though if your eyes are bloodshot right now, I’m not sure how much more it can go?)

The eSports arena offers a gaming tournament, there’s an interactive main stage and YouTube celebritiy sensations including Syndicate will be there for meet and greets.

Even more addicted than you realised? (the first sign is your fingers are twitching when you read this ‘cos it’s taking you away from precious gaming time). There will be a Syndicate Original booth selling exclusive show merchandise for those of you who want to advertise Mr Syndicate’s stuff for free.

Resonate Total Gaming is on October 19-21 at the SEC Glasgow.