Give Us A Minute – Du Blonde

You’re set to tour supporting Future Islands. Have you worked with them before?
I’ve known Sam (lead singer Sam T Herring) for a couple of years and he sang on my record Mind is on My Mind. We went on a west coast road trip without ever having met in advance!

Wow, like a blind date and the date is a road trip!?
Yeah, we didn’t know each other when he came to pick me up at LAX. He’d flown in from Baltimore and it did cross my mind, ‘he could be a murderer’ but after nine hours a day driving together and staying in rotten motels it was fine.
We’d spoken a month before by email so by the time we actually met we knew each other’s history.

The album cover for Du Blonde’s debut Welcome to Milk has you wearing a wide open short shaggy fur jacket, white trainers and socks, a short piece of fur dangling over your nether regions and nothing else. Is this a statement photo?
It was from a photoshoot with two really old pals of mine who’re both really creative. It was just some fun photos at the end of the shoot.
I looked back at them and thought it was really funny. A lot of it is about embracing who I am. It’s the final thing I’m not running from.

Why the name Du Blonde?
The record company were pushing for different names and nothing seemed right. For a couple of years my friend Kyle in LA called me Du Blonde, it was our in joke. I had a few days left to choose the name and I thought, ‘no one else has it’.

In the video Hunter, released as an LP in May this year, you wear a striking blood red lipstick, leopard print fur jacket and have a Patricia Arquette, True Romance look about you. Tell us about the lippy and look.
I think that is Ruby Roux by MAC or Lady Danger. They’re both matt and I only ever wear those two lipsticks. They stay on when I sweat on stage.
I always got lipstick in my hair and a pink streak on my cheek so they’re the only ones I’ll wear. I saw True Romance for the first time two months ago and realised that’s my look. I have a lot of fake fur coats in my wardrobe and old t-shirts with cool logos. I’m all about the comfort being on the road and travelling a lot.

What about after gigs, are you all about being a party animal?
I’ve never been a party animal. I’ve been to three parties in my life and I’m not a big drinker. I don’t go to parties though I’ve always had a dark, free mind that does what it wants.

You’re a singer-songwriter, do you play any instruments?
I play piano, guitar and banjo. A lot of the piano and guitar in my album is me. When we toured with Hooves of Destiny I didn’t get to play lead which was a shame as I love playing lead guitar.

Your advice earlier in the year to land a record deal was to go on an accounting course. What did you mean by that?
I said that as a joke. I mean that it’s a very tricky business and it’s very hard to make money and very easy to lose money.
A lot of people don’t realise when you get a record deal until you’ve got the money back from the record sales you don’t have any money. You get put up in hotels on tour but that’s your money you have to repay.
It’s great to pursue a career in music but if you just get into if for the chicks and riches it’s not the job for you.

You seem an overall creative person with all your own graphic drawings on your website. How do you relax after touring – with some creativity?
After touring I relax by doing some drawings, photographs and music. I like drawing people with very expressive faces like the actors Bill Murray and Steve Buscemi. I’d love to go on holiday to relax but I don’t have any money.

Du Blonde will support Future Islands at 
Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom on Sep 9.