SUPERHEREOS  by Kerry Harkin


Superheroes have pretty much taken over the world. Everywhere you look there’s something superhero-related. I mean, seriously, Marvel has the next four years of movies planned out, possibly more. Excited doesn’t cover what I’m feeling. My next few years are sorted. The thing is though, it’s a pretty male-dominated movie list. Sure, there’s a whole range of female side characters in a lot of movies, but there’s a serious lack of female lead roles. For us girls, who love superheroes just as much as any guy, it’s kind of a low blow. How can we aspire to be seriously awesome if we don’t have anyone to look up to?

It’s not like there haven’t been things for us to watch with female leads. Back in the 70’s there was a Wonder Woman TV show which was really successful, although it didn’t last very long, and Jessica Jones has aired on Netflix just recently (go watch it, you won’t regret it). Clearly there are female superheroes out there so why aren’t they making movies about them?

Thankfully, we’re getting a Wonder Woman movie soon, so well done DC and Warner Bros. At least they’ve clued into the greatness that is female superheroes but Marvel obviously haven’t. They’ve pushed back the release date of their first female led movie, Captain Marvel, again and you’ll be annoyed at the reason this time. We’re getting a sequel for Ant Man to look forward to, with The Wasp taking the lead female role…aka not the main lead in the movie. Brilliant, another male superhero movie.

Female superheroes, like Black Widow (who doesn’t love Scarlett Johansson?), would make amazing movies. They’re funny, smart, kickass and great role models (mostly). Who wouldn’t want movies about them? Seriously, Marvel, what are you playing at?

Take a look at Kick Ass, which has Chloe Grace Moretz playing the totally awesome Hit Girl. She’s pretty much the most hard-core person in the movie and she’s not even the main character. She’s everything we could want in a female superhero and even better, she doesn’t actually have powers.


It’s not like they would lose money; even the most egotistical male would go see these movies….although, probably not for the reasons we would like. There’s such a broad range of possibilities when it comes to basing films on comics. You have everything from massive superheroes to the most obscure ones, so it’s not like there aren’t story lines they can use.

If they can make shows like Jessica Jones and Supergirl, why haven’t they scheduled more than just a couple of movies? I know we all want a Black Widow movie titled What Happened in Budapest, now don’t we?

So get on it DC and Marvel, give us our girls.