The stars of Downtown, Star Wars and Game of Thrones are wreaking Carnage at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal

Gods of Carnage is a hilarious portrayal of middle-class parents. Based on Tony award-winning playwright Yasmina Reza’s own personal experience, it follows the parents of two young boys who fight in the park resulting in one of the boy’s front teeth being knocked out.

The impressive cast includes Elizabeth McGovern from Downtown Abbey. Her performance is incredibly realistic – she uncannily resembles parents I experienced during my childhood. Her self-righteous persona slowly begins to crumble after her guests take advantage of her courtesies and the drinks begins to flow.

Her husband, played by Nigel Lindsay (Shrek The Musical), fuels the parents’ arguments with his boorish attitude. He enters the play diffusing tension but soon starts feeding into the anarchy. Lindsay’s amazing stage presence is consistent throughout his performance.

Simon Paisley Day, who recently starred in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, stars as the disinterested father who is more concerned about his mobile phone ringing than his son. Thanks to a few glasses of rum he suddenly becomes more engaged in conversation and outspoken, riling up the other characters with his arrogance.

She recently finished Season 2 of Sex Education, so it was great to see Samantha Spiro light up the stage. She’s no stranger to playing the role of a mother as she’s also parent to Sam Tarly in Game of Thrones. Spiro begins as a timid and collected lady but as the meeting goes on she emerges as a fiery and assertive lioness who defends her son whilst taking no prisoners. After the dramatic change in her character, you can’t help but side with her.

The wildly eccentric play slowly turns, focusing on each parent’s childish behaviour whilst they are being constantly attacked by their own partner. The acting energy radiates off the stage. There were several running jokes throughout the play that connected well with the audience and had everyone laughing. It was a great comedy that poked fun at the bourgeoisie. Definitely worth checking out!

God of Carnage is running at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal from now until Saturday 1st November.

Review by Eva Curran