Prom. Graduation. Just those words could bring on a migraine.

It’s a night to celebrate all your hard work over the last few years and let loose, but crucially, the night when you’re most likely to find your photos plastered all over social media. Such an event calls for the perfect outfit, ensuring you feel as fab you look. Here’s Susie Daniels’ key looks for the Big Day.

What is it about the timeless appeal of lace?

prom missguided lace cutout

Once dressed on every table as a statement of fancy dining amongst the granny generation, thanks to Emma Watson, J Law and Ms Stone, lace is now classy, sexy and sophisticated. Keep accessories plain so that the detail in the dress is not diluted. Hinting flesh is more appealing than baring assets!

Blue Short Sleeve Lace Dress, £65

Revealing killer legs while achieving a dainty, sassy look is hard to pull off.

prom lipsy blue

If you’re confident about your arms and legs then a tight fitted dress to waist length and a satin-style flowing skirt at waist level can trick the eye into only focusing on key areas on your body. Looking good and feeling great – tick, tick!

Lipsy VIP Lace Top , £140

The Oscars are well and truly over but shimmering gold is a great look not just on the little statue but also on you!

prom topshop fatima cutout

Why not look like a goddess in a dress that ensures you look out of this world but doesn’t cost the Earth? A gold maxi dress that nips and tucks in all the right places and appears to glide over your body. That’s what I’m talking about!

Gold Fatima Maxi Dress by TFNC, £65

It’s an illusion that will have everyone wondering all night – the strapless wrap dress that appears to hover.

prom dress red bardot cutout

It’s definitely one for the more confident among you but will ensure eye-popping looks from admirers. The bigger-chested among you may need to glance down a few times to ensure you’re not revealing more than you intended.
Red Bardot Foldover Wrap Midi Dress, £30