Guess what’s happening…..

Glasgow Film Festival
Oldies, B Movies, Freak night movies, Animation, Comedy, Documentaries and genres to suit all across various venues. It’s got to be the Glasgow Film Festival 2016.

For a dose of childhood, catch Lady and the Tramp at the Glasgow Film Theatre or Roald Dahl’s Matilda at Kinning Park Complex.

Horror lovers won’t want to miss a disturbing experience with Stephen King’s Carrie at the IMAX Cinema, or Silence of the Lambs at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Lover of the classics? Classic eighties that is – you can find Top Gun at the Imax, The Adventures of Robin Hood at the Glasgow Film Theatre or Thelma and Louise at the Grand Ole Opry.

The festival runs from the 17th- 28th February. All tickets are available to buy online at


Tron Theatre, Glasgow.
Feb 17 – Feb 20.
(Also at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Feb 25-27.)

A bisexual man is confused about what he wants when he falls for both a man and a woman.
This Tron Theatre production promises a sharp and witty insight into the consequences of protagonist John’s crippling indecision towards his own sexuality.
Matters finally come to a head during a dinner party when John is forced to decide….well, we won’t spoil the ending for you but life is pretty confusing nowadays so it might just be an interesting one to watch.

VIP Record Fair

record fair
Bellahouston Leisure Centre, Glasgow.
Saturday February 20. 10am – 4pm. £3 entry.
Once upon a time music lovers preferred to indulge their passion via the medium of spinning discs. Ask your parents!
VIP Record Fairs are a throwback to the old days, when punters bought, sold and swapped records and cassettes – and in advanced cases even CDs – at mass gatherings.
Bellahouston Leisure Centre in Glagsow hosts such an event this Saturday – just don’t expect to buy a piece of music that you can’t actually touch.

The Vintage Kilo Sale

vintage kilo
Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh. Sunday 21st. 12pm-4pm. (early bird entry 11am-12pm).
Yowser! Imagine stocking up on retro threads for just £15 per kilo.
That’s precisely the principle behind Judy’s aptly named Vintage Kilo Sale – where you can drop that weight of clobber into your bag and be on your merry way.
Judy’s reckon one kilo equate to between 3-5 garments, so throw in the £1.50 entry fee (£3 for early birds) and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive afternoon’s shopping.