Health & Fitness – Fit & Healthy at the Most Challenging Time of the Year

Health & Fitness by Sarra Gray

It’s 8am, you have about 20 minutes before you need to leave for class and your cupboard is a mishmash of ingredients that you’ve never quite figured out what to do with.
Stay calm but don’t carry on. Instead, here are some ideas that are quick, healthy and cheap and will keep you energised throughout your studies.
Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day (yes mum) so listen to what Sarra Gray has to say….

Eat for Fitness
IF fitness to you just means that you’re active, healthy and HAPPY then looking into the macronutrients (or macros; basically how much protein, carbohydrates and fat to eat daily) that are right for your body can help you eat foods that give you this balance.
A popular division of macros is 40% carbs, 30% fats and 30% protein. Some people prefer the carbs and protein the other way around. But we all know that all the tastiest foods are carbs, right? Sweeties, pasta, bread. Okay, maybe these are not the carbs that will help bring up fitness levels, but there are still loads of tasty and utterly scrumptious ways to fit those macros.

Carbs for fitness boost

Oats: There is so much right about oats. They are low in saturated fats, which means you don’t even have to think about your cholesterol, and they are high in fibre so you wont get tired during a workout, or at very least, you can make it to your next meal without needing to eat all the chocolate in Thorntons.
Oats can also be used to make healthy chicken nuggets (seriously, Google it) and loads of vegan cakes and sweets. They can be blended and substituted for flour in a tonne of recipes too.


Blueberries: Emerging as a superfood in recent times, because of their antioxidants among other wonders, there is lots to these colourful gems.
They do great things to your insides, but most importantly, they give you loads of energy, they help digestion and they are anti-inflammatory which means that they’ll make you look and feel physically fitter.

Veg: To be honest, you can’t beat the basics if you’re wanting to get fit. Veg keeps you full and energised, as any carb will, but the low amount of calories means that in the long run, you’re consuming less.
Green veg – particularly broccoli, green beans, spinach and kale – have the highest density of good nutrients.
These foods can be sneaked into just about any meal – including fruit smoothies that will mask the taste.

Fats and Proteins for fitness boost


Salmon: All fish is good, but salmon has the right fats and protein to help you stay full and build muscle and basically become and all-round super fit person.
It can be consumed at any meal of the day, and it isn’t too heavy on your stomach.

Cheese: Finally, something that we all have time for in our diets. Cheese is generally full of good fats that will keep you satisfied and add flavour to even the dullest of salads.
Not all cheeses are made equal however. Feta, goats cheese and cottage cheese are all great, high in protein and good fats, and all have a great strong flavour to add to your recipes.

Turkey: Not just for Christmas! Turkey is chicken’s healthier, low-fat sibling for those who are trying to get fit.
The main perks of this are the high protein rather than fat, as it’s easy to find at 0% fat.
Low in calories and carbs too, this is a very healthy centrepiece for any meal.

An Oeuf Already


An ouef is an ouef! The ultimate ingredient to every single meal and if you don’t have any in your fridge right this second go and get some.
They’re becoming so popular that a new branch of Veganism is forming that allows these into the animal-free diet. (I wrote it but I still don’t believe it!)
Even if you’re not an egg lover, these high-protein, high-energy balls can be made into a load of different treats that are as tasty as they are nourishing.
The (healthy!) fats that they contain will fill you up on not very many calories too.
Breakfast ideas: Eggs florentine – poached eggs with salmon and hollandaise sauce on a toasted muffin – got to go, just the thought of it is making my mouth water. For a sweet treat, mashing two eggs with a banana makes a pancake batter that you can have guilt-free.