Fed up of Weightwatchers? 5:2 not your thing? Here are the latest diet trends that really are more than a fad – they are scientifically shown to work.

The Honey Diet

This diet claims to help you drop a dress size in a week, largely by consuming lots of honey. Seriously!

The idea is to trade the sugar in your life for the natural sweetener honey and consuming a big spoonful before bed to rev up your metabolism. OK, dieters are also expected to give up refined carbs, but this is definitely a less painful diet than most for those with a sweet tooth.

The reason this regime is meant to be so effective is because your body has the capacity to burn even more calories when you are sleeping than when you are exercising (which is something every student will be happy to hear).

Also, by swapping refined sugars for natural ones, dieters can put an end to the sugar cravings many of us are prone to.

There is bad news, though. This diet does not allow potatoes in any format. Whether it’s crisps, chips, boiled, mashed or baked, all potatoes are a no-go on this diet because of their blood sugar-spiking properties.



The Alkaline Diet

Many eating regimes right now are designed to ease digestion, hence reduce bloating and inflammation.

The principle of the alkaline diet is to eat foods with a pH rating between 7.35 and 7.45 (that means they are the opposite of acidic for all you who didn’t take chemistry) as this is when your body functions best.

This way of eating can be a little complicated, as you need to figure out whether foods are high alkaline or acidic, but as a principle raw vegetables, nuts and dates are a yes, while dairy and alcohol are big nos.

While meat may technically be acidic, eating it in moderation is the best way to get the most out of this plan.  If in doubt, there’s a handy iPhone app to help you out.


The Mediterranean Diet


It’s widely known that Italians are some of the healthiest eaters in the world and by adopting their lifestyle you can be too.

Unfortunately this does not mean living off pizza and pasta – real Italian grub is much more wholesome and natural than that.

Think all natural foods; rich tomatoes, succulent grilled meat, lashings of olive oil…it’s hard to see anything wrong with this way of eating.

There are no faddy foods or complex eating rituals associated with this diet, just meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

The other plusses? All the healthy fats work wonders on your skin, plus studies have shown that this diet can help decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease.


From the classic Weightwatchers to the radical fads – how is eating nothing but milkshake healthy? – it seems impossible to know which will be the best for ou and what actually works. However, I’ve found a couple of the most  promising, popular, and most  importantly, healthy out there.



THIS diet has been around for a while, but that means that it’s a tried and tested method for keeping healthy.

It’s a government endorsed diet backed by the American Heart Association as well as nutritionists across the world.

It focuses on cutting out saturated fats, and its simple approach means that you won’t be tempted to crawl back to your usual diet, as with more extreme methods.

Its low calorie options aim at keeping healthy whilst losing weight, meaning for sustained health benefits rather than just a two week bikini body.


A much newer dieting tool is Watchfit, a dieting and fitness app designed with a clever social aspect to give dieting an interactive element.

For those who find dieting a painful slog, this tool might help boost enthusiasm, thanks to its user friendly design, how-to articles and workout videos, along with the option to share a picture of each meal you eat with your social networks.

Its calorie counting feature also helps keep you on track as you log what you eat.

The App is free to download with prices varying from £.4.99-9.99 for specific plans.