Home Run – Home Fitness

Not a gym bunny? Rather work out at home where nobody will judge you for having no makeup on, your hair scraped back into a tight bun or being covered in sweat?
Prefer being out getting fit in the great outdoors?
Then let SOPHIE McNAUGHTON present the 10 best and most affordable pieces of gym equipment to use at home or outside.

Swiss Gym Yoga Ball
This burst resistant yoga ball is perfect for a whole spectrum of workouts and suitable for everything from general fitness to pregnancy exercise and sports rehab.
The multi-functional gym ball can easily be used in the comfort of your own home to help you improve the quality of standard exercises as it acts as a fitness aid.
You can incorporate into your exercises including sit-ups, press-ups and stretching.
The gym ball improves stretch, flexibility and helps to define your body, tone your muscles and increase the strength of your core muscles.
The gym ball is available in: 55cm high in yellow (22”) diameter for people who are 5’0” – 5’9” tall; 65cm high in blue (26”) diameter for people who are 5’6” – 5’9” tall; and 75cm high in red (30”) for people who are 5’9” – 6’4” tall.
The gym ball is the perfect, simple and easy to use fitness aid that can be easily added into your usual fitness regime for that extra push of strength, flexibility and tone.
PhysioRoom, £11.99

Davina Aerobic Step
The aerobic step from the Davina fitness range is a great aid to cardiovascular workouts.
Lightweight and compact, it’s perfect for workouts at the gym and at home.
The aerobic step also gives you the option of building up your fitness gradually before adjusting the height for a more intense session. This fitness aid is a great tool to help you get into shape, build up the strength of the muscles in your legs and core, and will give you that extra push during a workout.
It can be easily taken to the gym for step classes or used in your living room along with a Davina DVD.
Argos £19.99


Nike training kit
This training kit is part of the Nike Crosstown Running range.
If you’re a runner and enjoy doing cross-country and exercising outdoors, this kit is perfect for you.
The training kit offers a range of accessories to be incorporated within a versatile workout regime with a long medium-resistance band, speed rope, circular light-resistance band and a lightweight storage bag perfect for when you’re on the go.
This is the perfect portable buy for varied exercises anytime, anywhere.
JD Sports £25


Davina Vinyl Dumbbell Set
This dumbbell set from the Davina Vinyl range at Argos is a steal at only £14.99 for three pairs of practical, yet fashionable and vibrant dumbbell weights with handles in neon pink, green and blue.
With a choice of weights including 0.68kg, 1.13kg, and 2.3kg, you can pick the best set for you based on your current level of fitness and strength. These dumbbells can help you to gradually build up your fitness levels over time, allowing you to get a little bit stronger every day and helping you to reach your fitness goals.
They are ideal for home use and are small enough to be easily stored away when not in use.
Argos £14.99

Bodymax chin bar
Have a little piece of the gym at home with this Bodymax Upper Body Chin Up, Pull Up and Push up Bar from Powerhouse Fitness.


For only £12.99, you can use this piece of equipment to do a variety of exercises in your own home.
Easy to use and with an estimated assembly time for under only 5 seconds, the Chin Up bar is the perfect start piece of home gym equipment for beginners.
Many experts agree that pull ups are one of the most effective exercises for developing strength and physique in the upper body which is what makes the Chin Bar such a steal because it is low cost, really effective and multifunctional.
The Bodymax Chin Bar provides the user with the ultimate selection as it can be fitted to most door openings without the need for screw fixings and it uses a cantilever gripping action in the same way as a horizontal stack of bricks can be lifted without the middle ones falling if sufficient pressure is applied from each side.
But this isn’t an ordinary chinning bar either, the Bodymax model can be used for a combination of pull ups, chin ups, leg raises and a wide range of different exercises.
When removed from a doorway and placed on the floor, it can also be used for wide arm push ups.
With so many functions and such a low cost, the Bodymax Chin Up bar is an absolute no brainer!
Powerhouse Fitness £12.99

Resistance Band
Exclusively from John Lewis, this bargain piece of home gym equipment is an easy to use, versatile fitness accessory that can be adapted for use in dozens of workouts.
The resistance band is ideal toning up the upper and lower body and for building up your core strength and flexibility.
The resistance band is a small, lightweight piece of equipment meaning it can easily be used at home and portable enough to be thrown in a bag and used on the move.
Perfect for personal workouts or as part of a Pilates regime, this cheap and effective band can also improve your flexibility through stretching your muscles.
John Lewis £8

York Fitness Exercise Wheel
Ditch the abdominal crunches and get your mitts on one of these bad
The exercise wheel from York Fitness with an anti-slip rubber tread diameter roller, comfortable padded handles and smooth radiation is the perfect little addition to a home gym.
The exercise wheel is ideal for strengthening and toning up the muscles in your abs, arms and thighs. Simple and comfortable to use, the exercise wheel comes in a stylish black and grey design and is specialised to work out your whole body as well as your abdominal muscles.
This lightweight and compact piece of equipment is ideal for home use as it can be easily stored away and brought out when it’s time for a home workout.
Tesco £8

Nike Push Up Grips
These Nike Push Up Grips are ideal for a quick at-home workout.
With an ergonomic design and padded hand grips, these enable you to exercise and build up strength without the risk of pain or injury.
The added elevation and position of the hand grips allows you to add a greater range of movement and variety to your workout; allowing you to build up the muscles in your chest, triceps and shoulders.
The Nike Push Up Grips add an innovative new twist to the standard push up exercise. Features include rubber non-slip pads and a wide stable base to ensure you have a fun and safe workout.
Sports Direct £17.99

3D Smart Pedometer
Available in white, blue, red, orange, green and black, this 3D Smart Pedometer Sport Bracelet with step and calorie counter from GearBest is a bargain at only £6.08!
Perfect for tracking your progress when walking, jogging and running, this bracelet provides an accurate count of how many steps you take and how many calories you burn; providing you with an insight into how much you’re really doing during exercise.
Features include: a built-
in 3D acceleration sensor with high sensitivity which catches even slight movements; monitoring your burning calories, steps, distance you’ve travelled and can set and inquire your movement (distance) goal; a digital LED screen which displays the time, date and ambient temperature intelligent sleep monitoring to improve sleep quality; a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery which is powerful and environmentally friendly; a strap which integrates USB interface; and it is compact, lightweight and fashionable.
Gearbest.com £6.08

Fitness Mad Spiky Massage Ball
The fitness massage ball from A&A Sports is the ideal aid for those post-workout aches and pains.
The massage ball relaxes tight and uncomfortable muscles and even releases toxins and improves blood circulation after those physically intense, can-no-longer-move workouts.
Best of all it can be used anywhere as it is small and compact enough to be easily stored or thrown in a bag to be used on the go.
Available in purple, the ball is suitable for all ages and fitness levels; providing relief and comfort when you feel burned out and sore.
The ball is essential for recovering after a workout and at this price, they’ll definitely fly off the shelves in no time!
Tesco £5.99