Horror, Marvel, Action & Murder Mystery? Step this way…

JIGSAW starring: Mandela Van Peebles, Laura Vandervoort, Brittany Allen. Release Date: Oct 20.

John Kramer – AKA Jigsaw – is seemingly back from the dead and causing mischief; and by mischief I of course mean he’s brutally torturing and indirectly murdering people. It is 13 years since the original Saw movie came out and was part of a movement in horror where directors revelled in gruesomeness and even seemed to compete with one another over who could come up with the most creatively disgusting way to show someone expire.

There was something about seeing a beautiful young actor’s face end up looking like scraps in a butcher’s bin that really seemed to strike a chord with audiences. Weirdos.

THOR:RAGNAROK starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba. Release Date: October 27.

Norse God and superhero (what a CV that is), Thor, must fight in a gladiatorial contest to save his home and restore justice and peace and all that kinda stuff.
Chris Hemsworth picks up Mjolnir (the hammer) once again as he reprises his role of the hulking great hero.
What’s even more hulking though is The Hulk, who is in Thor’s way and the two must do battle for some reason.
. I’ll be honest, I’m no comic book geek and my interest drifts with this kind of thing. I’m sure Thor and Hulk used to be pals but I think they’ve had some sort of soap opera rift since the last time I checked in on those crazy guys.

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe. Release Date: Nov 3.

johnny depp

Another reboot now as Kenneth Branagh directs and stars in the classic whodunit crime thriller.
Although this is a case for detective and Belgian, Hercule Poirot, this isn’t like the TV series grandparents would always have on in the background as it went on for seemingly hours. This version has the likes of Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe and Olivia Coleman involved.

As with any suspenseful crime drama, subtlety and consideration will play a big part in the film but, as it is a big production, the pace is likely to be sped up a little for the sake of keeping your average audience member hooked.

THE JUSTICE LEAGUE Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Amy Adams. Release Date: November 17.

the justice league

Ah, my specialist subject of superheroes, wherein Justice League offers up several superfolk.
Bat-like man, Batman; wonderful woman Wonder Woman; fish person, Aquaman and many more join franchise forces as they look to save the planet from obliteration by the universe’s most evil forces.

Superman never really took off (so to speak) with many left cold from his outings on the big screen and enthusiasm for any Batman features was always going to wane after the brilliance of the majority of the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Wonder Woman is trying her best to pull everyone up along with her to respectable heights but even she hasn’t quite cemented herself as a hit in the cinema. As long as this is better than Batman vs. Superman then we are going in the right direction.

previews by Luke Hawkins