If you’re keen on homegrown horror & are seeking something which provides more substance than just violence & gore then Cruel Summer is for you says Hannah Gunn

Cruel Summer by Hannah Gunn.

Cruel Summer is creating a surge in the UK horror genre ahead of its DVD and VOD release date on the 6th of February.

This hotly anticipated thriller-come-horror, produced by 441 films, has been received well by critics and has featured at some of the UK’s best horror film fests, including one of the biggest and best – Frightfest.

Based on true events, Cruel Summer tells the story of Danny (Richard Pawulski) and the peers who hunt him.

cruel summer2

When teenager Danny, who suffers from Autism, sets out on a camping trip in pursuit of solitude, he is unaware that a vengeful and uncompromising Nicholas (Danny Miller – Emmerdale) is close behind. Recently dumped by his girlfriend, Nicholas is seeking revenge – but his victim is innocent and his rage at Danny is fuelled by nothing more than a lie, told by besotted friend Julia (Natalie Martins) who has her own reasons for wanting to see Danny suffer.

Along with their other accomplice Calvin (Reece Douglas -Waterloo Road) the trio set out to cause harm to Danny, but as Nicholas’ behaviour becomes increasingly more disturbing and unpredictable, the onus falls on Julia and Calvin to see sense and stop him doing something he regrets.

cruel summer 4

The film – directed and written by award-winning duo Phillip Scott and Craig Newman – has been largely well received in horror movie circles and should make for an enjoyable watch if you’re keen on homegrown horror and are seeking something which provides more substance than just violence and gore. ‘