Angela Scanlon Interview Issue 15

FASHIONISTA Angela Scanlon is so much more than a dated androgynous look – so shove that in your Miu Miu clutch Alexa Chung! 

The flame-haired Dubliner is sassy, savvy and British Vogue is expecting ascension in the fashion presenter-world of meteoric proportions this year from the lady who pens for the Observer, The Sunday Times, Grazia, presents Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and recently hosted London Fashion Week. And today she’s sharing her thoughts with Student Rag…

THE Barbie doll and Towie look – dark tan, long, false, coated eyelashes, big hair and fashion conscious-look has been very popular – can fashion dumb us down?

If people are happy wearing fake everything then fine but it’s the desire to blend in that’s worrying – that feeling that you need to look like everyone else, to conform to this strange Barbie-like ideal.
Each of us is different and should embrace that. Plus, it’s bloody impossible to wear white, it must get filthy!
It’s about finding what works for you. Fashion is not a one size fits all. For me Stella McCartney has really got her DNA in place, there’s a consistency to what she does & she gets ‘girl’; someone who respects fashion but is not ruled by it.
Her tailoring is beautiful but doesn’t feel corporate and there’s a sense of humour there too which I love.
Do what suits you & never, ever wear anything you’re uncomfortable in. It’ll be written all over your face!

FASHION is about having a flair and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t always mean that you’re over dressed and designer clad, it could be wearing jeans on the red carpet.   Just have fun with it, that’s what people sometimes fail to do with fashion. Its not life or death, it’s to be enjoyed.

I like Charlotte Gainsbourg, she’s brave, there’s a constant tom boy steak, a nonchalance & she looks great in trousers! Lou Dillion for the same reasons…

  WHAT can we expect to see at Springtime that’s new in fashion?

There’s lots of crisp, boxy forms, minimalist lines and graphic prints. I’m still into clashing prints & having a strange love affair with futuristic plastics!

This season had lots of bold oranges which I love…wear head to toe!! Or if I feel like being slightly more subtle there was lots of powdered pinks which are perfect for Spring.

As for hairstyles, I think it’s all about clean, fluffy, undone beautiful hair.

Low-key, Parisian and touchable!!

  HAVE you considered bringing out your own fashion label?

I’ve thought about it. I originally planned to do it. To ‘build a fashion empire’. I’ve been asked to design things & collaborate but it’s got to be right for me.

The quality is as important as the aesthetic but it would be awesome at some point!

I love the idea that fashion is ever-changing. That’s what made me want to make a career in it. Fashion never sits still, not even for a minute.

It’s full of weird and wonderful people and even though it’s one if the hardest jobs, the rewards make it do worthwhile.

My epitaph will be: ‘Angela loved fashion and…donuts.’