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Interview: Lights

Interview with Lights by Gemma Clark
Was there anything happening in your life that is a thread running through your album, ‘Little Machines’?
I had been experiencing a lot of writer’s block after a couple years of hard touring and felt a lot of pressure, so in the end I just ended up really wanting peace and presence in the moment. I guess a lot of the songs are about that; finding what makes you happy and existing there.

What kind of transformation has your style undergone between your last album and this one?
Siberia, the second record, was very experimental. I felt a lot of freedom after my first record to just explore the depths of glitchy electro mixed with pop. With Little Machines I dug a little deeper into the pop song writing aspect, just tried for really well rounded songs.

How did you get over your self professed “worst writers block ever” and what advice would you give to anyone that is struggling with the same thing?
My first advice is to remind yourself that it doesn’t actually last forever, talent never goes away, it just gets blurry sometimes by your own mind. Second advice is to exercise said talent in some shape or form every day, just in different ways from the facet that is frustrating. It’s all the same power, just work all your angles and eventually you’ll work your way back to the tough one.

How do you feel that family life, what with you guys now being parents, has changed the way you create music? Has it influenced your style? Do you balance work and parental responsibilities well?
Every single day is a question mark, we just wing it every day and it’s pretty fun. My style probably sways more comfortable now than ever but otherwise I’m still the same old me, just more motivated with the time I actually have.

How would you describe your performance style to someone that’s new to you? How have you developed since you were first signed at 15?
Fun and bassy? Electro-campfire? I think it’s a good balance of those two. When I was first signed I couldn’t even get on stage without clamming up. I’ve come a long way!

What is your favourite song from the new album and what’s it about? What was the writing and musical process that went into it?
I really enjoy Up We Go, it’s such an anthem at the shows, really feels like it brings everyone together.

You lived in an eco friendly earthship for a while, whilst trying to write this album. That must have been a fascinating experience. What kind of effect did that have on you?
It was really good to have that change of scenery, and such a powerful one at that. It was inspiring to know you can be just as productive, if not more, completely off the grid. People are scared of the idea thinking they’ll end up bush people or something. Earthships are an awesome set up.

Do you see yourself as a hippy?
I wish I was more! It’s a dream to hopefully someday lower our carbon footprint in a huge way in the touring world. I do what I can in small ways, I try to educate myself on the important issues, and I’m a hippy in the sense that I understand love to be the most important thing in the world.

What era or decade would you most like to have grown up in and what was it about that time?
I would have loved to grow up in 2070 because I’d love to see the futuristic 70s. I was born way too early, technology isn’t fast enough for the things I want.

Is your little girl showing any signs of being as creative as her parents?
She is a nut, and I think you need a bit of that to be creative so it’s a good start.

You have several tattoos. Are there meanings behind them?
Each one has a point. Whether it’s a tribute to a video game I invested a good chunk of my life into, or the one I got at my wedding reception, they all mean something.

What’s your secret programme you watch when you’re chilling at night?
This show called 48, kind of a “you-be-the-jury” show about mysterious crimes that actually happened. Totally hooked.

Do you have any plans to release another acoustic EP?
Hell yep. Announcement coming very soon.