It’s not a hobby – it’s a way to escape from prison, be an ultimate Ninja Warrior, scale a mountain like Cliffhanger’s Sly Stallone…need I say more!

Struggling with what to do over the Winter months? Why not take up a new indoor sport. Glasgow has four climbing venues, from ice climbing to bouldering, to autobelays and ropes, all offering Student prices! Here are some weird but compelling reasons to take up Rock Climbing!

Chalky hands make you feel like a spooky ghost


You heard it’s now in the Olympics, and you want that medal


Climbing out of bed is far too easy for you


Think! The skills will come in handy when you have to escape from prison


Want to be like your hero, Sylvester Stallone in the movie “Cliffhanger”


Need to practice your power-scream in an appropriate place (not like last time…)


You want a gym where people actually talk to you

glasgow climbing centre editorial 2

Want to drink beer through a straw, as your hands are too tired to grip the glass


Need to start training for the next Ninja Warrior


Look up the climbing and mountaineering clubs at uni or college.

They are really active at the Glasgow climbing walls, or contact the walls direct.

Hope we see you at our wall soon. Lots of love, Rob Watts (centre manager at The Glasgow Climbing Centre and Strathy student 1999 – 2002)