Jack Garratt O2 ABC review

Jack Garratt at the O2 ABC in Glasgow last night by Susie Daniels

All Hail Jack Garratt, king of the stage and every instrument performed on it! Jack’s a music genius, singer with an incredible range and musician creating a soulful blend of bump n grind, electronica, pop and everything else in between. Experiences of small, intimate gigs, giant indoor venues and too many outdoor concerts to mention didn’t prepare me for Jack. Last night he was a skilful one-man band who blew us all away at the O2 ABC in Glasgow with his incredible voice and sound. He masterfully commanded the drums, guitar, keyboard and synthesised drum and his intensity playing every instrument makes you forget that a song needs lyrics…until he sings.


It was hard to pinpoint the BBC Sound of 2016 winner’s high point last night and that’s another first for me. Every song was sung with such gravity and played with such raw energy that it was truly a sight to behold. You can see and hear the influence of Jack White but Jack Garratt is his own man and one of the most talented I’ve ever seen. A multi-instrumentalist who looks and sounds like he was born to perform.

“I’m wearing ear pieces so I can hear everyone speak in the first five rows. (laughs) I’ve just heard someone say ‘I fancy Jack Garratt’ which makes me feel socially awkward. You know, I was a fat, chubby, ginger hair kid not noticed by anyone……. (points to the crowd) I can see you all and I’m in in love with all of you!”

Did the crowd like Craig David or Justin Timberlake? The response was a magnanimous wave of booing but then he began to play. His mashup of Senorita and 7 Days was incredible. Worry was also another memorable performance but the whole gig was a giant bubble of brilliance.

Anyone who hasn’t got ( in any way, shape or form) his debut album Phase, buy it, enjoy it and behold the greatness that is King Jack.