WARNING: This video contains actions that have now been banned



This week I decided to test my archery skills with my mate Lawrie. We had to go to Amsterdam to do this – what an inconvenience!

The Bull Dog Hotel in the heart of the city was where we dumped our stuff for the next few days. It boasts one of the best ‘coffee shops’ around with great vibes and a seating area next to the canal to chill. I love my coffee so it was a no-brainer. Across the canal from us was the illustrious Red Light District. We just ‘window shopped’ but you can definitely see why people choose to go in – the women are beautiful, it’s legal and no-one’s there to judge.

At night the Ice Bar was our first stop for pre-drinks before heading out to the beckoning vibe of the infamous Amsterdam night life. The entrance fee at the Ice Bar is €17 – for that you get a free cocktail and two smaller drinks (half pint of Heineken or a vodka mix). It was freezing cold – even the glasses are made of ice which makes for a good laugh (trying to pry frostbite fingers off the glass is hilarious!).

We decided to soak up the Dutch culture and checked out the Anne Frank and Van Gogh museums. My advice is book in advance to save a very long queue. For the Anne Frank museum you’re best heading at night (around 7pm) when it is at its quietest. You’ll just be starting off your night then anyway and you’ll need a drink to get over the overwhelming story of survival, hope and grief you meet at the museum – it’s something to never forget! 

Being on a lads holiday we had to take the token visits to Ajax’s stadium and the Heineken tour – both of which I would recommend. A fun fair meant I could finally put my archery skills to the test. I aimed, I shot and I scored. Twice. That was a long way to travel to score but it was worth it. Hope you enjoyed our vid.

Where will Student Rag send me next…..?