Let’s find out where the highest paying industries for graduate jobs are…

We don’t want the money, money money…although it would be sweet to buy or rent a flat, buy a car, pay for transport and eat at some fancy restaurants from time to time.
So though the focus should be on a job we enjoy and that we can excel in, a decent wage wouldn’t go amiss.
Don’t forget, there’s always that SAAS loan to pay off too! According to the latest data from CV-Library, certain industries offer far higher salaries for graduate roles than others including IT, engineering and property. Susie Daniels has checked out some of the highest paying industries for graduate jobs on your behalf…

IT £25,518.56

The most obvious examples of IT jobs include developer, programmer, analyst, web designer and consultant. Jobs in IT aren’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s an ever-expanding industry. Every so often you’ll probably need a refresher course to keep up to date with what’s new in the world of technology. Good to know, for those of you looking for a more flexible lifestyle, that IT consultants with several years of experience may also do freelance work.

Property £24,382.35

Most of you are unconsciously clued up about the property industry from a young age thanks to that good old family board game Monopoly (other games are available but not as good).
It’s all about making money from land and buildings whether it’s a block of flats, house or farmland. Opporutnities include surveyor, planner, architect and estate agent. Other organisations that deal with large amounts of real estate also hire property professionals. These include retail chains, as well as infrastructure companies such as Network Rail.

Engineering £24,785.71

Engineering really is such a wide-ranging industry and can allow you to travel anywhere in the world, even to Space! Jobs include aerospace engineer (see!), civil engineer, mechanical engineer and structural engineer. The oil and gas industry may, in the near future, reach a finite amount of resources but the demand for renewables are rising exponentially and the need for housing, infrastructure, roads and modernised transport links will always be there.

Consultancy £24,250.00

A consultant provides ideas, methodology, instructions, proposals or anything that they can offer to the client as solutions to problems or ideas for improvements.
They might also simply offer information needed to help a client in decision-making or advancing the business. A placement consultancy or a recruitment firm acts as a link between the companies that offer jobs in various areas and the job-seekers. They act as a guide to the job-seeker to guide them with their career prospect.
Nice to know you’d eventually be helping other graduates out who are in the same boat you are at the moment! There are also careers in strategy, operations, financial advisory, human resources and risk & compliance consulting.

Sales £23,117.19

There are routes into sales for university graduates with any degree subject, although relevant qualifications are preferred for some positions, particularly within medical or technical sales. Sales executives are the key point of contact between an organisation and its clients. Their job includes answering queries, offering advice and introducing new products or services. Typical employers of sales executives are manufacturers, service industries, retailers, industrial organisations and charities.

Marketing £22,145.26

Marketing executives work closely with their colleagues in advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution. Think of them as the essential cog in the company wheel. They are responsible for analysing and investigating price, demand and competition, devising and presenting ideas and strategies, promotional activities, compiling and distributing financial and statistical information. They might also assist with organising events and product exhibitions, monitoring performance and managing campaigns on social media. Opportunities for promotion are excellent in this industry – normally into senior marketing roles or related employment areas.