Movies You Need in Your Life to Get You Through the Winter Blues

Suburbicon, Starring: Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, Release Date: November 29

Think white picket fences, pastel colours, neatly tailored suits, swanky cars and a whole lotta blood.
Fifties suburbia is spun upside down in this Coen brothers’ exploration of the brutality of man with the ever hilarious Matt Damon as lead. A newly widowed father is caught up in the chaos that ensues when this middle class, idyllic town is consumed by crime, violence and revenge. This one is going to have us all killing ourselves laughing one minute then gagging at dead bodies the next. Director George Clooney has crafted a dark, satirical comedy that is sure to have us longing for an alternative 1950s we didn’t even know we wanted.

Battle of the Sexes, starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrel out Nov 24th

Based on the true story of Billie Jean and Bobby Riggs’ 1973 tennis match, this film has empowerment written all over it.
Emma Stone will undoubtedly portray this strong female lead with the same grace with which she continuously mesmerises her audience while Steve Carrell – the undeniably less likeable Riggs – will of course offer some comic relief.
The blending of themes, such as women’s rights and sexuality, in this ‘not-your-average’ sports film will inspire anyone and everyone.
A sports film for people who aren’t fans of sport.

Wonder, Starring: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Release Date: December 1

This one’s set to be just what you need to thaw your cold winter heart. A light-hearted look at a difficult to breach topic follows 10-year-old August Pullman who has a facial disfigurement. After years of home schooling he enters into the tumultuous world of elementary school, which is brimming with both joy and pain. August’s navigation of friends and bullies, fitting in and standing out is bound to be a tear-jerker – my well-loved copy of the 2012 novel knows that all too well. And, with big names such as Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts you just know this is going to captivate its audience. So bring the tissues and snuggle up for this heart-warming tale, beaming with childlike wonder.

preview by Luke Hawkins