Oktoberfest you say? Jawohl! Get your Bavarian on and drink beer by the stein-full (a stein being a glass that, when converted to metric measurements comes out at approximately one cubic bucket).
Having said that, Oktoberfest is more refined than just getting hammered; and it does offer some slight cultural insight into the traditional German celebration. As well as the beer, there will also be plenty of German cuisine on offer – mostly meat and cabbage-based yet still delicious.
Get yourself down there mid-October and go German for the day (Lederhosen optional).

Oktoberfest takes place from October 11-15 at West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.


hurts 2

The electronic duo started off with a sound that unabashedly displayed all their influences – from Depeche Mode to Human League.
No one else on the scene was making those sounds so the lack of originality was forgivable.
Their new offering, Desire, certainly comes down the pop side more than anything else and has a production that wouldn’t sound out of place behind any current pop starlet.
This isn’t necessarily a careerist shift towards a mainstream sound; it’s that, as usual, in-house producers at major labels spotted the trend of 80s and 90s electronica becoming more popular and shifted themselves towards a sound somewhere close to that of Hurts.

Desire will be released on Sep 29.


screen printing

If the hustle and bustle of the usual student haunts and pastimes aren’t your thing and you prefer something more serene and constructive, then head for House for an Art Lover in the Southside. There, artist Rosalind Lawless will give you a masterclass in screen printing. The technique can be quaint and delicate and something you and your granny can pass the time doing. Or you can go the opposite direction and take inspiration from legendary street artist Shepard Fairey, who favours the approach to produce some of his most iconic and politically charged pieces.

Screen Printing course takes place from September 30 – October 1 at House for an Art Lover.


byres rd makers market

Byres Road plays host to a pop-up market on the last Saturday of every month (11am-4pm), showcasing all sorts of quirky crafts made by local hands.
Artists and designers from across Scotland will be there to show their wares. When Buchanan Street and The Galleries become a bit too gaudy and crowded for you, the altogether more quaint and eclectic shopping experience awaits you out west. One of a kind gifts and the odd present to yourself are all worth looking for on Byres Road.

Byres Road Makers is on at Hillhead Library on September 30 and October 8.



Former Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke is impossible to pin down. Having come from the hugely talented, somewhat frustrating, highly influential four-piece, he went on to feature on a Chemical Brothers track, some less ambitious EDM music and even dabbled in rap while distancing himself from his indie roots.
He then returned to Bloc Party and is now releasing another solo album. This one seems to have swerved in the opposite direction of his previous solo work as Streets Been Talkin’ shows with its acoustic plucking and soft, swelling strings. The rest of the album will be as difficult to label as the rest of Okereke’s career.

Fatherland will be released on October 6.

by Luke Hawkins and Susie Daniels