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Music to live for….

Looking for a gig or new release? Let Stephen Butchard guide you….
father john misty
There are tons of reasons to love Father John Misty. It could be for his grand, swooning compositions; it might be for his sharp, sardonic lyricism; it may simply be for his ovary-shattering falsetto.
Whatever the reason, the most impressive thing about J. Tillman’s music is that we love him at all.
His arrogant hipster persona has such an overbearing presence on his latest album I Love You Honeybear that it’s a surprise that his audience aren’t nauseous by the end of his gigs.
But that’s exactly what makes his music so brilliant: the sheer level of wit and passion Tillman places into his songs makes every sarcastic aside he spits out loveable, despite any logic. Not just this, but his self-aware songwriting makes it very clear that he knows exactly what he is: “an aimless, fake drifter, and a horny manchild momma’s boy to boot”.
And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Go swoon over someone you wish you didn’t fancy so much.
FATHER John plays the O2 Academy in Glasgow on May 12.
 Katy B in Peckham
katy b
Katy B’s core strength has always been her immaculate taste in collaborators. Her nimble vocal sits elegantly over myriad soulful production styles, and is sure to add a catchy melody to whatever her producers have to offer.
Her third project, Honey, explores the act of collaborating in the most extreme sense. Every track has the singer meet up for an exciting duo with a big name in dance music; it’s a refreshing flip of the same script Disclosure have been working with through their slew of vocal collaborations.
The batch of singles leading up to Honey have been a diverse collection, from the elegant balladry of the title track, to the glitzy R&B of ‘Who Am I’ which features  Craig David, to the clever club stomper ‘Calm Down’ featuring tech house masters Four Tet and Floating Points.
With all of these artists popping up on one album, Honey could be Katy’s most colourful collection thus far.
HONEY is set for release on April 24.