No Sleep For Me!

Don’t know why, there’s no sun up in the sky, stormy weather…

As storm horrid Henry batters Scotland, it seems to get in the way of everything, especially sleep. Here are some valuable tips by Carmela Carserta to help you sail to the land of nod.

Check out your eating habits

Just one look at that tumultuous weather outside, and you’re probably guzzling coffee like there’s no tomorrow – the seemingly perfect combination of warmth and energy. As a morning pick me up it’s fine, but be warned, after midday the off switch for buzzing and alert you might not work! It could be the reason you’re so wired at 3am when you have a 9am lecture! Caffeine be damned – that includes snacks like chocolate. *Sigh* You didn’t even need that Snickers anyway. Take the opportunity to try new food hotspots which promote a healthy body and mind and make great pre and post workout meals.

Work it out

Regular exercise in the morning helps reduces that walking zombie feeling otherwise know as insomnia. I know what you’re thinking: the thought of getting up earlier than necessary is for crazy fools but it just might help you sleep better tonight so why not try it- what have you got to lose? There’s no need to leave the house whilst Henry’s in full swing: try a workout DVD, some yoga, or even some martial arts. Get your friends over for some group tai chi. Have a laugh, get fit and sleep better in the process.
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This bed is made for sleeping

When there’s nothing but chaos going on outside, best to transform your sleep space into a calm zone. Yes, it’s your Netflix and chill haven but how about a wee bit more chill and a tiny bit (not pushing this!) less Netflix. So no more Facebook in bed or claiming you’re going to sleep only to still have a phone screen blaring in your face 2 hours later. Did you know (show off mode) that the light that radiates from your TV, laptop and phone interferes with melatonin: the hormone that triggers sleep. Make your bed the comfiest and most inviting place in the house: fill it with the cosiest pillows and fluffiest blankets.
The end of the day is something to look forward to: look at sleep as a break from the worries of the day, of work, of lectures and of stress; as a chance to let it all go and let the storm rage on as you fall deeper and deeper into a cosy slumberrrrr(sorry – fell asleep writing this).

Frankie says Relax

Chill out. Leave any essays, last minute cramming and studying until the morning. That goes for the social media you can’t bear to drag yourself away from too. Shelter from the weather in a nice warm bath. Try some Lavender oil – said to promote deep sleep and relaxation. A study found that bathing in lavender oil reduced stress and crying in infants and let’s face it those are probably the 2 most common traits students share. Stay in there a while; read a book you’ve been meaning to for ages; check out a show you’ve been meaning to try out on Netflix (maybe stall on what I said earlier about Netflix).. You could even try some bath bombs, bubble bars or bath oils which will leave you smelling amazing and leave you with baby soft skin. Grab products with lavender and cocoa butter for the most gentle effects.

When life gives you noise

….make your own. Try listening to meditation tracks or gentle music. White noise can be created through an old radio between stations and act as a mask to external noises like the weather and obnoxiously loud night-crawlers, who obviously have no morning classes to go to. Earplugs will do the trick too.
Alternatively, get up from your potato-esque position on the sofa before bed and dance to your favourite tracks. Plug in your earphones, shut the world out and dance like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll soon feel exhausted and collapse into bed.

Don’t worry, about a thing

Can’t sleep? Get up. Don’t lay there tossing and turning. If it’s just too cold and you can’t bare the thought of parting with the covers, prop yourself up and read something that interests you or listen to mellow music. Staring at the ceiling and letting your mind do overtime will just make you more anxious. Don’t waste your time worrying about inability to sleep, because every little thing is gonna be alright.