Into the first few minutes of Young, Free and Single: Live, I got the impression I was watching some kind of twisted, cringe worthy, dating show equivalent of The Hunger Games. In this strange reality land filled with the clichés and sleazy innuendos that people should grow out of at the age of 14, every pair matched on a date is like Peta and Katniss with every blood thirsty viewer, or opinionated Twitter user in this case, expressing their views and begging for the couple to have a romance in this viewer-interactive show.

Just when I thought I had lost all hope, a pair called AJ and Lana seemed to have genuine feelings for each other – so much so that they were both reduced to tears in the episode. AJ, on only a second date with Lana, essentially asked her if she wanted them to date exclusively, to which she explained that labelling their situation would be too much pressure for her.

However, later as she sees how AJ got upset at her response, she too is moved to tears and makes it clear that while she is commitment-phobic, she doesn’t want to date anyone else. But no matter how much I tried to invest in this ‘romance’, the whole exhibition was still painfully awkward to watch, unimaginative, mundane, forced and cringe worthy. Usually this kind of TV equivalent to junk food would be a guilty pleasure of mine but even I draw the line here. 

The next episode of Young, Free and Single: Live is on Monday at 10pm on E4.

Written By Sophie McNaughton