Now’s the time to really appreciate the environment…

It’s a challenging time right now but the discussion around climate change won’t disappear. When everything returns to normal, more than ever young people now understand the need to be eco-friendly. Making small changes can help you enjoy an environmentally-friendly lifestyle that will reduce your carbon footprint. Eva Curran’s guide will help you to become more sustainable.


Being conscious of your lifestyle can help you to save the planet and money!

Use reusable water bottles and metal straws. You also get a discount at many shops if you use your own mug!
Carry a reusable shopping bag. Save the planet and your 5ps.
Be conscious of the products that you buy. Opt for eco-friendly options such as a bamboo toothbrush and biodegradable bags.
Wash your clothes at a lower temperature and invest in a clothes horse to help you stop using energy on a tumble drier.


It can be hard resisting the temptation to feed into new trends. Fast fashion has led to clothing being the UK’s fourth largest environmental impact.

Re-use your clothes by accessorising them. Give unwanted items to a friend and donate your old clothes to charity.
Quality over quantity! Look for gaps in your wardrobe and plan what you need in advance to avoid that unnecessary shopping spree.
Buy vintage clothes or go on Depop to get those bargains!
Support sustainable brands that are ethical and eco-conscious.


One of the biggest changes that you can make to become more sustainable is your diet. Try a few of these tips below and reduce your carbon foot print.

Plan your meals in advance. This will stop you from wasting money on food that will go to waste.
The biggest way to reduce your carbon foot print is to avoid meat and dairy. Try gradually replace meat with veggie options.
Cook only what you’ll eat. This will help you reduce food waste.
Don’t forget those leftovers! Take them for your lunch the next day.


One of the most efficient ways to lower your impact on the environment is to travel responsibly. Transport is one of the worst polluting sectors in the UK.

Travel on public transport or car share to reduce CO2 emissions.
Buy digital tickets on your phone to reduce paper waste. You’ll get a discount for buying online too!
Walk as much of the journey as you can. This will help you reduce fuel consumption and you’ll enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
Buy a second-hand bike or use the rent-a-bikes that many cities offer.


Be mindful of what brand you are supporting. Buy from sustainable and ethical companies. While you’re at it, remember to use cruelty free beauty products!

Use biodegradable make-up wipes or reusable cotton pads to remove your make-up.
Try new environmentally friendly products like shampoo bars. Lush is a great brand for this!
Buy bigger bottles less often, this also works out cheaper.
Research your brands and check the label for harmful chemicals.


It’s clear from the Global Climate Strike in September 2019 that students are passionate about campaigning for change. 20,000 people demonstrated in Edinburgh with thousands gathering in Glasgow too. The NUS has said that 91% of students are concerned about climate change so get involved and use your voice!

Speak to your Students’ Association/Union to find out how you can get involved within your institution.
Check out NUS for more information on climate change regarding students.
Stay up to date with the UK Student Climate Network for protesting opportunities.
Take part in calm and safe demonstrations with your friends. Talk to your MP. Get on social media and share your own sustainable tips.


Yeah, things aren’t looking great. We’re facing a climate crisis and our leaders aren’t doing much about it. But it’s important to stay positive! There are things you can do to help.

Learn from influential people and organisations. They help to make the world a better place, take inspiration from them!
Stay informed and up-to-date with recent news. This will give you the knowledge to educate others during discussions.
Get involved in politics. Demand action and make your voice heard. Don’t forget to vote!
Remember that you have the power to change things. Never underestimate our power to make a real change.