Prom Graduation For The Guys!

It doesn’t require a big-money investment to look the business and there’s always the option to hire rather than buy your way to graduation night success…


Check print is definitely the easiest option for those who want to make their suit a bit more interesting than the basic black suit and tie. If you want to make it even more adventurous, try a coloured suit, like Burton’s blue check suit.

Checks give you that edge of refinery, style and sometimes quirkiness so have a good rummage in the stores to find the perfect one that suits you.


Two piece 1904 Sinatra Blue Skinny Fit Check Suit, £140


Block colours, especially of the pastel variety are also a fairly safe bet for suits.

If you and your mates are seriously committed, you could even try coordinating, so you all have your own colour. It will definitely make for more interesting group photos. Like the Avengers, but with a lot more student debt.

ASOS have an abundance of them, with every possible shade, hue and tone to fit your desires.

graduation suit raspberry cutout, Two piece raspberry stretch skinny fit suit, £69


M&S Collection Luxury Pure Silk Paisley Tie, £25


Patterned suits are a little bit more adventurous, but definitely the most interesting.

Floral patterns in rich colours is a great way to stand out! Look to the likes of Harry Styles and Alex Turner – both have mastered the art of making a patterned suit look more masculine and less intimidating.

If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe just go for a luxurious patterned tie paired with a classic plain suit, that way you get the best of both worlds!

graduation suit pattern moss

Moss London Skinny Fit Blue Gold Leaf Jacket, £99