Put a face mask on to go round to your bestie’s and glitter glam yourself to go shopping. Who says where you should wear the look? You do!

Kylie Jenner wears every look well. Glitter gal, sexy shimmer, desert delight and she can even rock the face mask look! (it’s a new look that I didn’t just make up).

In fact, take a selfie of yourself (who else would you take a selfie of?!) rocking every look, create a collage on your Instagram account and call it ‘Instagramable-moi’ and you’ll be totally up to date with this season’s beauty looks.

And why not mix it up a little. Put a face mask on to go round to your bestie’s and glitter glam yourself to go shopping. Who says where you should wear the look? You do. Here’s Hannah Ahmed to tell you how to get that Spring/Summer vibe…


Face Masks have had a boom in popularity in the last few years, and that status isn’t going to diminish any time soon. Though once seen only in expensive spas, these days you can pick up a great face mask from your nearest pharmacy.

Milk Make-up Watermelon Brightening Face Mask, cultbeauty.com £20.50

face mask cutout

Like most things, social media has no doubt had a role in facemasks’ surge to the top of everyone’s beauty wish lists. Posting a selfie with a facemask on has become insanely trendy, so not only are they capable of boosting your Likes, but they also have many benefits for your skin.

No matter what issue you are trying to target; dryness, dullness or acne, there is a face mask for you!

NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask, superdrug.com £7.49

jelly mask cutout


halpern models

Another look that’s seen a serious sprinkling this season is glitter. Whether on the eyes, face, lips or even hair, glitter is everywhere. Pat McGrath, one of fashion’s favourite make-up artists, uses plenty of sparkles and metallic hues at Versace.

There is no such thing as too much glitter but for some it is easier to go for a more subtle take. A classic highlighter on the cheekbones, or shimmery shadow on your eyelid is probably the easiest way to do it. Looking for something a little more unconventional?

Try Cover FX’s glitter drops. They work great on their own, but can also be mixed into any other liquid make-up product, from foundation to eyebrow gel, whatever you feel like making sparkle! So glow Tinkerbell glow.

I Heart Unicorns Heart Eye Shadow Palette, superdrug.com, £6.99

eye shadow palette cutout

Dior Addict Lip Maximiser – Collagen Active Lip Gloss, boots.com, £28

lip maximiser cutout

Milk Make-up Glitter Stick, cultbeauty.com, £25.50

glitter stick cutout

ELF Stardust Glitter Eyeliner superdrug.com, £5

glitter eyeliner cutout

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten Karma, beautybay.com £24

liquid eye shadow cutout