Remote Sense at The Planetarium last night – It’s kind of trippy. For those of you who’ve never experienced that sensation without drugs knock yourself out with this natural pleasure!

You know the scene at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy where Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) uses a scanner to see a past life existing as if it’s in real time so you get a kind of dusty, fragmented sense of people living – children running, laughing and playing – and life existing on what is now a remote, craggy planet?

That’s what over 100 of us experienced last night in Glasgow Science Centre’s Planetarium where an epic reclining view of light, sound and visual majesticness all danced and intertwined to pleasure our senses.

The feeling was one of intense wonderment, curiosity, calm, trepidation, journey, transientness and eternity created by flashes of light, symbols and mood-enhancing music generated by someone who is clearly a graphical genius. Digital artist Jonny Knox has combined his eclectic background in music, architecture and graphics to craft new media designs, installations and immersive experiences; stepping between left and right brains, between art, design and technology.

Jonny is resident entrepreneur in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and devised a realtime digital projection dome presenting at the National Museum of Scotland with his unique interactive dome exhibit ‘Touching the Neolithic’.

He co-founded Sublime who deliver shared immersion (dome) projects across the world for clients such as Fosters + Partners, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Astrazenica and the British Museum.

For those of you crazy people who’ve never been to The Planetarium first of all I must say Go! and secondly the dome-shaped ceiling allows an amazing 360 degree turn where you feel you’re truly connecting with the cosmos.

Remote Sense followed on from the Planetarium’s half hour talk and visual experience of the planets and it seemed the most appropriate venue to deliver an experience of existence, atoms, connection but most of all an overwhelming feeling of awe.


It’s kind of trippy – so for those of you who’ve never experienced that sensation without drugs knock yourself out with this natural pleasure without the after-effect!

The sheer magnitude of the creativity and focus on the experience is breathtaking and to describe it as 3D abstract doesn’t do it justice though it does break it down into a very basic definition/description – is that the essence of abstract?

Have a chat after the experience and you decide…

review by Susie Daniels